Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Return

So I have returned to Eve Online after a 6 year hiatus.
I must say that the game looks very similar to what I remember but there is a ton of new content to explore. I will say I have been back in game for about a month now I spent the first week burning through missions to get to a level 4 agent only to become quickly bored of the grind. I had to find something new and exciting or I was just going to end up unsubbing the account again.

The wormhole...
After doing some research into wormholes I decided to give this a try, I trained up my astrometrics and being an amarr character trained to fly the legion. I set out for a week exploring and looking for an empty class 3. Was running around Geminate (my old stomping grounds) in an anethema when I encountered my first heavy interdictor. Waking up fresh in my home station I decided to fit my legion up with the interdiction nullifier. Who are all these people in 0.0 who claim to own space anyways another new concept for me how can you own space?

Ok so now the new cloaky unbubbleable legion has taken shape and I find myself a nice wormhole that has a 0.0 static I jump in the hole and wait for a week for a high-sec exit. Meanwhile every day I get a new hole to 0.0 to go out and find me some carebears to play with.

A high-sec hole opens and I spend all day moving in a large pos and enough fuel for 2 months and set it up. My hole has some interesting characteristics that I love... No local this is a dream for me come true. One of the reasons I unsubbed was the whole local in 0.0 issue. So it it really easy to sneak up on someone in a wormhole.

Well look for more to come

The Lost Explorer

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