Monday, February 27, 2012

Battles with Pandemic Legion… Nem3 gives PL a bloody nose

So as I stated in the previous posting, Sniggwaffe, Pandemic Region, and several other PL training corps have moved themselves into Delve. Friday evening when I logged in there was a tier 3 sniper gang camping the undock on the MO-GZ5 station. They had managed to somehow bug the grid so that when undocking you didn’t see them at first and they managed to one shot a couple of small ships undocking. I was sitting cloaked about 100k off the station when they warped in to 250k above, before I could get position on them they warped into the bugged grid which made them disappear off of my overview, but they were 60k above the undock.

Unable to do anything aginst this group in the rapier I was in, I docked up and got in the Archon to see what type of DPS this crew had with them. In a matter of minutes they were breaking my armor tank on the Archon so I docked up and repaired. They started to rape-cage the station with a cloaky hauler, at this we massive undocked several carriers and armor battleships, I was sitting on the undock when everyone undocked and I already had 5 of the tier 3 battlecruisers locked. They had a significant amount of scimitars with  them and had a pretty good rep, but I don’t think they were expecting me to unleash the 10 tech 2 sentry drones on them. I started calling primaries and the ships were going pop, pop, pop in a matter of seconds I had myself 5 nice killmails with the sentry drones and pulled them in and deployed fighters which chased them all over the system as they ran.   

Saturday were getting ready for a CTA that was supposed to be a ROL invasion, which didn’t happen so we used that opportunity to reinforce the Snigwaffe POS in D-W7F0 after reinforcing this the timer was set to come out right after downtime Sunday morning, so I set my alarm clock and when I woke up I heard that we had kill a PL carrier that was repping the mods on the pos and it was pretty fail fit, also notice that shortly after this kill the pilot is no longer in PL So we come in right after down time in a Armor fleet and kill the POS, I actually was in a Hictor watching the gate as I don’t like shooting structures, and managed to get some good kills in the next system over.

After this I take a break and come back just as a nano roam is going out and I get this juicy kill in ROL space.. … This was a long roam and I needed a break so I watched a movie for the day and came back just as a major CTA was forming up.

Apparently PL had placed another POS in D-W and things were about to get fun. A shield BC fleet was formed up and we waited for a long time in T5Z on the D-W gate waiting to jump into about a 47 man sniper tier 3 gang. I was in my Artie-Cane we jumped into the fleet and began aligning and took 5-6 losses right of the bat, I killed a rifter tackle and we warped to the safe pos. The sniper gang arrived at the safe pos and was shooting it when we all formed up and MWD on we get into position on the gang and kill about 5 of them and they warp off. We warped onto their pos as it was not gunned yet and began putting dps onto it, they came out and got range on us so we warped off, we warped back in on them and they POS’d up, A cyno went up in the system as we were shooting the tower when In warps a Nomad that apparently entered the wrong password for the POS and he stops short, and is quickly tackled and melted with yours truly getting the final blow…a game first Jump-freighter kill for me.  The comments on the PL boards just make it all too sweet…

After this engagement, the next time we warp into the POS I am primaried and manage to get my Cain away with 47 pct structure, but I am out of the fight in the safe pos and on fire for about 45 min, while I get my alt in a pilgrim with armor maint drones through the jump-bridge and come in the back way right into a 60 man RVB assult frig blob on the gate coming into D-W. Shit, Shit this is going to take some skills. As I am AB Cyno Fit I pulse the AB and cloak zoom out and see a hole in their camp and slowly, slowly make my way out of the 6 tech2 large bubbles, RVB failure lol. I repair the armor on my Cane at a SS and get back in the fight.

At this point  RVB gets a warp into us shooting the pos and manage to get me scrammed, and webbed I kill 3 frigs before I go down and manage to get my pod out, but PL emerge from the POS and kill quite a bit of the shield BC fleet. We manage to break out of the system in short order and return to MO-GZ5 to re-ship, and take a 15-30 min break.

After the break shit starts to get real as 5 PL carriers are Cyno’d into the system, I reship into a Revelation and myself and the rest of the capitals jump into the system with the 5 PL carriers sitting in their POS, we siege green and quickly reinforce their POS as PL Jump out of system promising a fight on the timer, just after downtime.

Well some of us work for a living so I don’t know if anything happened this morning

Here is the battlereport of the battle with ship-types and kills / losses as I can gather them.

Good fights to all…


Friday, February 24, 2012

Unending Pew… and cautiousness with Caps

It has been a very busy month in Delve, the routine has been that I arrive home and there is a roam out which I catch up on and there seems to be no end of good pew to be had. So far this month I am at 104 kills and 1 loss, though it was a very expensive rapier…and I also missed a batch of 24 kills the other night as I got home too late to make it into the subcap fleet, so I flew the carrier to help remove a couple of Snigwaffe SBU’s that had been placed in D-W. So rather than participating in the goodfight that was happening on the gates I got to shoot at structures which frankly was like watching paint dry.

Earlier this month SniggWaffe has moved into the area, they have set a pos in D-W which is in a strategic position to allow them to Blops the entirety of Delve. We have had several battles I would have to say one-sided battles with their bomber fleet, but one must always be cautious when dealing with Pandemic Leagion… and while Snigwaffe is mostly filled with PL wannabe’s, as someone who was in one of the founder corps of PL, I can see a strategy here where PL sends out Snigwaffe to irritate small alliances into using capital ships and then PL can pounce in with their Supers and GG us once they have killed off the capital fleet.

So for me I am being very cautious with my capitals, I am also enjoying the subcap fights that Sniggwaffe has been providing. After all EVE can be very much like a chessgame, if you play too greedily you can end up getting checkmated early.



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CSM 7 Who not to vote for...

While Eve-Uni’s original goals were to take in new players to the game and teach them to become eve-citizens and survive in a hostile universe, I believe it has recently strayed far from these ideals.

"L'enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs" (hell is full of good wishes and desires). Saint Bernard of Clairvaux… from which we get The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The recent engagement of the Dec-Shield by the Eve-Uni is what captured my attention that perhaps its candidate for the CSM may have more game changing ideas that I do not particularly want to have the Eve that I have come to love, changed into a completely different game.

If Kelduum can support using tactics that were until recently considered exploits by CCP to avoid war dec’s on  itself, while promoting Eve-Uni to be not just a corporation like any other corporation, but to try to have it designated as special by the development team and granted favors…

This to me is nothing different than the scandals of the Devs giving BOB tech II BPO’s

CCP intervention into the game should not give an advantage to any particular corporation or organization over any other. Game mechanics whether they be broken or bad for one side are at least fair in that they are bad or broken for the other side.

As such I would have to hope that anyone considering voting for Kelduum take a second look at what his motives are at getting into the CSM. After all power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely


Monday, February 13, 2012

Lack of kills due to lack effort…

While many of my alliance mates were able to get several capital kills this past week, on each of the ops I passed on traveling the 30+ jumps to go investigate neutral ratting systems as I was in a rather expensive clone and really didn’t feel like putting in the effort required. So this last week the pew was rather dismal, I spent a bit of time trying to make some isk, running a couple of havens, and salvaging. Bottom-line is I have about 700m in the wallet towards my Aeon fund, and a long way to go. I cannot seem to run more than a couple of havens before I get bored as hell or before some cloaky person pays a visit to my system only to sit there cloaked for ages, which forces me to go camp the outgate in the hope of getting some pew, only to see said person log or exit right after I take down the bubbles and go to bed for the night.
We have had some more sov grinding, which I am very happy to have the Revelation for now. My brother managed to get himself a Moros over the weekend and he popped its cherry on a CTA to shoot down a TCU. With our neighbors to the south deployed at the moment we have seen an uptick in roaming 3-5 man gangs, and I managed to get on the kill of a rupture yesterday afternoon, in some ways a great fight in eve is as elusive as that great golf shot, or the chance at a 300 game in bowling. It comes around every so often, just enough to keep you from quitting and keeps you yearning for the next great fight / chip in / 274. I must report that it has been a while since I holed out from 150+ yards, the 300 game is still elusive, but fun every time I string 6+ strikes in a row, and while I recently had a great fight, I can say I can wait for the next one, until then it’s back to the grind and building up the Aeon fund.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A well laid trap foiled by idiots…

So last night I decided I would set a trap for the nightly roam that winds through our space, I was specifically setting up for a frigate roam, anything larger and I would not have the setup to handle.

I picked a system with a regional gate, 3 jumps from our home system, I had bookmarks here for 3 bubbles that would drag anything coming from any direction into a focal point where I had 2 disco-Armageddon’s sitting cloaked about 7k apart. I was using explosive and thermal damage types. Basically anything drug into the kill zone would die fast and be podded.

After sitting around for 3 hours with no one coming up on the intel-channel there began to be word of a 10 man frig gang with 1 drake 5 jumps away. All I had to do is wait for them to arrive and head further down the pipe. Meanwhile in alliance chat I see they are forming up a home defense fleet to deal with the gang, I got into the fleet and let them know the plans I had and the trap that was set up, and to have them push the gang my direction.

So what does our elite pvp gang end up doing? Well they get about 30 guys in fleet and of course they are making sure they have logi support with them, and be sure to call for reps and form up on the titan while they have a dictor chase the gang in the wrong direction until he finally jumps into the gang and bubbles up and lights the cyno where 30 idiots pour out of and kill everything. And while I hear them patting themselves patting themselves on the back and saying, I hope those guys come back that was fun.

All I can say in fleet chat is fucking fail, you just titan bridged a fleet onto a frigate gang… If I were in the frigate gang I would certainly want to come back after that happened NOT… Its no wonder people hate super caps so much when people do this sort of shit, how hard would it have been to chase down this gang with some fast frigates, or chase them in the direction of a well laid trap.

I thank the fleet for wasting my time this evening just so they could kill-mail whore on a fleet of frigates, let me clue you in you elite pvp’ers, 2 vs 10 would have been an awesome fight, 30 vs 10 is fail.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Pew of The Week (POTW) with TEST Alliance

I haven’t had much to report lately, we have been grinding SOV and frankly that is like watching paint dry, but it is a necessary evil that has to be done for any fledgling alliance. We have had the typical roam here and there but have had astonishingly few kills in my timezone, we form up for a incoming fleet and then get blue balled by said fleet even when we have even numbers.  

That was until last night just before the big game was about to kick off, we were given short notice to be in shield bc’s and to form up on the titan. We managed a 30 man fleet with 3 scimi’s and we bridged to lowsec about 11 jumps from the target system of Huna. We were going to agress some TEST Alliance pilots that numbered in the 60’s with capital support. We were going to be assisting some neutrals that were outnumbered in the system, even with our numbers we were still going to be outnumbered by the TEST fleet.

Fleet jumped into Huna and we got a warp into the field right at my optimal of 50k in my Artie-Cane. First wave of the battle, primaries were being called fast and the ships were popping just as fast as I could lock them and get one volley into them. After about 15-20 ships on their side were down they retreated into their pos shields while we went to work on the ECM batteries on the POS, the POS had no guns on it, lol fail. After we incapped 3 ECM batteries the TEST fleet warped to a ping about 300k off the pos and warped back to us in the 20-30k range. We quickly burned back out to our optimals and the target calling proceeded for the next 5 minutes or so. I was Jammed for much of this part of the battle, I think I managed to get in on only 3-4 kills in this wave as the pos gunners had singled me out for jamming. We lost 2 ships initially in this engagement until we got back out to our optimals, both ships were Drakes. Battle report straight from our killboard is here This shows we killed 30 whilst they managed to get 2 of us. If you take a look at their killboard for this battle, their losses are even more as they lost 49 ships Total and managed to kill 3 others totaling 5 for the engagement.

The fight was one of the best I have been in since I flew with SAS, this was about all I was going to talk about on this blog but while I was researching the battle, I see we engaged them again this morning, and I am amazed at how once sided these 2 battles are, take a look at the killboard for this battle in C3N-3S

It shows that while being outnumbered by nearly 2-1 odds that we managed to kill 63 more ships with only 24 losses. I can imagine that TEST leadership is probably not too pleased with their current efficiency in battle, though I am upset I wasn’t able to participate in this second battle, I hope that there are more like this to come.