Thursday, September 29, 2011

#2 The thing about living in a wormhole

We are currently living in a C3 with a nullsec static. We originally set up a medium pos to see how things went the first couple of weeks to gauge how things worked and how profitable the hole was. We entered through a low sec system in Amarr space and set up the pos and pos guns we added a ship maintenance array a Corp hanger and a medium intensive refinery. We found out very quickly to online just those three things we had to turn off some of the pos guns. So after a week of ratting we saw that it was a profitable adventure and started to invest in a large pos and other pos equipment in empire and to wait for another exit to empire.

Now during the first week we had already seen another hisec opening and we had fuel for a month so we figured it was only a matter of time till the next empire opening. We learned how to mas limit our static and found we could buy supplies with a cloaky hauler and a scout when we had a npc nullsec connection. We have learned that 0.0 can be relatively empty or bustling.
We had a good fight at the static with a group of 0.0 dwellers we closed that static only to have the static open in delkin with a station in local and 273 people in local. We scrambled to close that static quickly and had another one open to an empty system where while mass limiting the hole I got my abbadon stranded in 0.0 while we scanned down the new static from inside the hole. When we scanned down the new entrance it was a 25 jump joy ride in a t3 battleship through Russian space to get back in the hole.

So it takes three weeks for the next hisec opening. We had all of our stuff in a freighter in Amarr waiting for the opening which fortunately happens on a Saturday morning 4 jumps from Amarr. How lucky are we with 3 days of fuel left in the caldari tower. We spend all saturday moving in new equipment and ships about 3bil invested at this point and set up the new pos and tear down the old one. We then ratted all day Sunday clearing out 15 anomalies and 5 profession sites to net about 1.3 bil in loot.

Since then we have had not 1 but at least 2 k162's for the last 5 days that have had to be adressed and either closed or mass limited so I guess the spawn rates are very random. We are now at the point that we have started buying pvp ships to start doing some roams when we finish off the anomalies for the day.

Stay tuned for more

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