Monday, January 30, 2012

Tracking and Physics

I wanted to add my two cents to a post by Jester which can be found here...

I will let you read it and come back to this post but Jester postulates that large ships guns should not be able to hit small ships that are being piloted correctly, and in a perfect world I would tend to agree with this but Eve is not a perfect world. It is a world of flawed physics where ships of 1m kg of mass can make ships of 100m kg of mass made to look like they are dancing on a string by bumping into them.

To further my point, most pilots in these large ships have loads of time invested in skilling up for those large ships, so do you think it is fair then that these vessels should be put at risk or lost to someone who has been in the game for a month and is flying a ship that cost 1/100 of the ship that the veteran is in?  To be realistic, frigate sized webbers should not work on anything larger than a frigate, a battleship should just drag the frigate along with it.  If you want to web down a battleship you better be using a battleship sized webber.

20m Isk dictors should not be able to pin down a 20-80b isk ship, if you want to do that then you should bring a capitol sized interdiction sphere deployed by a capital class vessel remember (risk/reward) iteration would be nice to see a supercap interdictor.  

Fast moving battleships (*Cough Machariel Cough) should not be able to bump capital sized ships, Freighters, Carriers or Dreadnaughts that have more than 100 times their mass... they should get smashed in and take damage FFS.

Until these issues are fixed / iterated correctly then yes I think that my ship that cost 100 times more than your small mass / low skill ship, should be able to PWN 1 shot those ships. Fix the physics model and I will be happy to support your position.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Long time since last post, sneaking an Obelisk into Delve like we were pro

Well real life has gotten very busy, I am working on several pieces of software for my company to support our scanning and imaging applications, and in the midst of that we found out that while deploying Windows 7 64bit environment and new machines that the current image viewer application could not support the video mode that the new video cards produced even at their lowest settings. This would not be an issue had our image viewer been written in a dot net language, but since it was written in the archaic Borland Delphi language (Pascal) and being it was written sometime in the dark ages, I cannot even compile it. Now I knew we were replacing this at some point and I have purchased an imaging control for .net but I planned on deploying these applications as an application suite, and not one at a time.

Because I had to deploy this application immediately, it means that it has to communicate with the other applications that were written in the dark ages, and it takes me several days to decipher the communication protocols that they are using. IE… Mailslots. Hell it took me a whole day to find a good example of their use coded in on the internet.

So I have not been in game much the last week, I go home log in and am exhausted, maybe do some NPC’ing before going to bed. Last evening we spent the whole evening sneaking in an obelisk into delve some 22 jumps from the nearest hisec point, we had several holy shits in local as they saw an obelisk go by scouted by 6 recons. We went through a hostile system of 20 guys like we were pro and they didn’t even notice what had happened. 5 jumps from our destination, we finally started to be chased by someone, though our obelisk pilot was being webbed and was warping so fast the person could not keep up with us. We had plenty of laughs as we delivered the cargo to the destination and I was off to bed after this.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nullsec Life, NEM3SIS, Delve, and Karma

I have been moved in now for about a week and I must report that I am having a fantastic time in Delve. I am getting plenty of Pew, however I find myself in some supporting roles that I normally would not have tried I have been in manyt fights as a Devoter Pilot where I wasn’t getting on the killmail, I tried out Logi pilot but didn’t enhjoy that at all I had trained logi 5 so that I could put my carrier into triage mode. I have typically been the DPS’er having trained Fighters 5, Fighter Bombers 5, I am a natural Carrier and Super Carrier Pilot. We have been doing some structure bashing to claim space and all that has been going well, but where I am clearly enjoying myself is that we seem to have regular visitors to our space and we seem to be able to quickly field a gang of people.

Last night was pretty typical we had visitors that had made their way into our pocket and we had begun forming up when we heard that they had killed 2 noctis’s of people who weren’t watching the Intel Channel, then word went out that they had one of our carriers tackled off the station. Immediately I started moving a cyno alt into the system and as I was already in my carrier a few systems away we got a cyno lit in the home system for people to get there and start forming up. The FC had several other carriers undock in that system and begin repping the carrier that was tackled. Once that was happening I managed to get a cyno Lit in that system and several of our PVP carrier pilots jumped to it and warped to the station at 0 and began deploying fighters on the invaders. Karma is a wonderful thing, as these were the Happy Endings corporation that had hot dropped my corp down in Stain in the 000-FS solar system when they blew up my brick Devoter on the station, I was now in the position to return the favor. They had 14 in system and we were now the defending force with the superior numbers and ships.

I immediately went to work on the most expensive ship on the field as it was called primary. I only managed to get on a couple of the killmails as fighters move so darned slow, but was happy to help remove a Loki, and Harbinger from the field.


So I am looking forward to many more fights, I have been in about 20 fleets now and have gotten some good kills, but these stood out to me this week as payback.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Friends

Well this weekend was a whirlwind of moving assets, the bulk of the corp. still hasn’t finished moving, but we are showing up more and more in local of our new home. The corp. had a meeting about one week after we made the half assed deployment to Stain region, we had been offered a place in an alliance several times and this time it was decided that we would be joining the NEM3SIS alliance and moving to Querious.

So Thursday night I was packing all of my stuff and I spent the next 2 days moving from the ass end of Stain to Querious, which was fortunately only 2 jumps in the Anshar each way. Though it took three trips through a fairly busy hub where the cyno pilot kept getting shot so it was touch and go, I hate risking a 5b isk ship to move my stuff but really I would not have been able to move without it, maybe I need less stuff. It also took 2 trips with 2 carriers to move all of the ships. All told I used about 150k Oxytopes cost me a fortune, and 80k Helium Isotopes (Which are so much cheaper).

Just as I had moved in I was grinding some sec and lost a zealot to a cloaky goon trap  lol but I am still ahead of the isk wars with them.  I made all this back later in the day when we found a class 3 nearby that we invaded for the day and liberated the loot from shooting all of their sites. It was kinda nice running sleeper sites again as I felt very comfortable back in a WH.

I participated in a couple of roams, it appears our fellow lonetrek dwellers and common targets Team Liquid has moved to the NPC stations around us and we were shooting at them on one of the roams, though their Kiting tactics can be quite frustrating, I will be looking forward to shooting at them some more.

That’s all for now TL:DR Moved stuff will have fun shooting peeps soon.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blob Blob Blob…Life in Stain

Well we came down to Stain region to make some isk and hopefully get some GF but all we have seen so far is blob after blob. The first evening we were here we knew that the Happy Ending folks had about equal numbers online in W-Q233 so when they had a person in our station in OOO-FS I was camping them in with  heavy interdictor. The Happy Endings folks came over to OOO-FS and it looked like we were going to get a good fight, their person undocks and a fight ensues, then a Cyno is lit and a capitol fleet drops on us. Before I could get the bubble down and de-aggress my brick Devoter go boom.

My corp. starts undocking carriers in response while I am warping off to a celestial and getting back to the station so my pod didn’t go splat.. meanwhile one of the carriers gets bumped off the station and is taking heavy damage, calls go out to rep the wayward carrier and bump it back to the station. I dock up and undock in the Archon with the intent to only rep the carrier and I begin repping on the undock. The wayward carrier manages to get back in docking range as my archon just finishes up repairing its armor we are outnumbered about 14 – 7 so we dock up.

Later in the evening the corp. loses some expensive battleships coming back from running a 10/10 complex, and shortly after that the corp. loses an expensive solo ratting battleship. The chum is in the water.

Last night the happy endings folks pay our system a visit, there is a single Vagabond that engages a Stealth bomber on the gate and pop’s him, when we arrive at the gate Zandramus is in a Arazu fitted with faction scram and long point to deal with the Vagabond, and Vulnerability is in a Protius. The Vagabond is 300k off the gate and there is a Falcoln that just entered system and decloaks on the gate Vulnerability engages the falcoln forcing him to jump to l-A9FS. Ref’tal is in a stealth bomber on the other side of the gate watching the approach to our system, and the stealth bomber pilot switches to a Curse. Local in L-A9FS fills up with 7 Happy endings folks to come deal with 3 of us. We warp off the gate before they arrive.

15 min later they send an obvious bait Cyclone to the system, somehow Ref’Tal gets disoriented and is watching the wrong gate allowing them to blob us again 7-3 and we lose the Curse. At this point Zandramus switches up to a stealth bomber as it appears we are never going to get a fair fight with these guys and he begins to camp the gate waiting on the Falcoln spy they leave in the system, when he appears on the gate Zandramus engages him forcing him back into L-A9FS, Ref’Tal has not realized yet he is on the wrong gate and is waiting for the Falcoln to de-cloak again to bomb him of course he never does and the Falcoln again enters OOO-FS and Zandramus engages him again, this time though the blob jumps in and everyone engages Zandramus’s Stealth Bomber. 7V1… Zandramus pulls some slick piloting and gets back out of warp disrupter range and warps off with 20 pct armor.

Happy endings leave and go home and don’t return for the rest of the evening and I end up going to bed frustrated.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exploring a WH in home system..First Capital kill of 2012

So I logged in last night with some exploring in mind and I find two wormholes in the home system. Wormhole 1a leads to class 1 w-space and it is reaching the end of its life. Wormhole 3a leads to class 3 w-space and this is an outbound wormhole X702 so there is chance to surprise someone here. I do a quick d-scan and see there is a tower here with a forcefield and parked inside the forcefield is an unpiloted Orca, and Velator. I don’t see anything else on d-scan from this location so I warp to the sun and d-scan and I see Hurricane, Maelstrom, Tengu, Armageddon, Noctis, Drake, medium sleeper wreck, medium sleeper wreck, medium sleeper wreck…. Someone is running sites!!! I scan the system without probes so to pick up all of the anomalies and once I have those I sit at the sun and change d-scan to a 15 degree beam and line the sun up with each site on the map and quickly locate them in an anomaly.

Well they are located, now what… no one is on yet in my corp. fail fail. I watch them for the next hour and a half run all of the sites in the system they always hang around for the noctis to finish salvaging before they go on to the next site. Several times the hurricane lingers in the site after everyone else has left, but I am in a cov ops ship and no one else is on to help me so I am left as some pathetic onlooker unable to do anything with this group.

After they have finished the sites they warp back to their own wormhole as they were not the locals, and I drop scan probes and locate their hole and the lowsec static in Aridia region. One of our blue corps has informed us that they are going to kill some capital ships that are shooting their customs offices tonight and invites us along for the fun. We all make use of the wh connection to Aridia as then we are only 14 jumps from our low-sec base in lonetrek. I arrive in lonetrek just in time to half arse fit up a Armageddon before cyno’s go up and everyone drops on the 2 seiged dreds 3 jumps away. I race to the Saranemi solar system in time to help kill the first dread, and as we get the second one into structure it self destructs before we can kill it.

We make it back home in Stain about a half hour later and its time to go to bed


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 The move to Stain..

The move to Stain…

So we have been tasked to move our stuff from the Lonetrek region to the Stain region for some NPC nullsec fun. So I look at the jump plan that has been laid out for us and decide that I will truck most of my goods through empire via freighter to the hi-sec staging point in the Paye solersystem. From there I will load the jump freighter and jump the freighter 3 times to our destiniation in Stain. ‘

The first Jump is just next door to the Low-Sec Staging point that allows my jump freighter to reach the next system in Stain, I have a Cyno character logged in in all three systems with extra ships and cyno’s as most cyno ships get killed in the 10 minutes the cyno is active. Moving the carriers from Lonetrek, I utilize a Pilgrim and then the carriers rep him for the remainder of the cyno cycle so I don’t  lose the cyno characters ship in this section of the route. Once everyone is at the low sec staging point I put the Pilgrim on the carrier and jump the the Archon, Thantos, and Anshar to the first cyno point in Stain. They dock and then jump to our new home in Stain. Quickly I unload everyone and jump them back to the midpoint dock and jump back to the lowsec staging point all on one cyno cycle. The anshar has to pick up more stuff in Paye so we wait for her to pick up the load of supplies for the day and she jups back to the lowsec system. The Anshar is using 40k Isotopes per round trip so this is quite expensive. We make the second trip there and leave the carriers this time only bringing the Anshar back for one more trip which is uneventful and all of our stuff is now in Stain.

Later in the evening I am asked to light several cyno’s for corm members and I do so , though I am starting to lose cyno ships. Once during this evening there was a concerted effort from some Machariels in the low sec system to bump some of our carriers off the undock before they could jump out to Stain. While this is all happening the locals have been stirred up in Stain and they have taken notice to us and decide to drop a Capitol fleet on our sub-caps sitting on our undock and I lose my Heavy Interdictor to them, and have to replace it from stocks in empire, so I make one last jump freighter run and take care of that and bring out a load of unassembled ships from the alt corp hanger in Nonni.

It appears the locals here are going to be hostile to us, though that just makes more targets for us, though it appears that our corp has given them a few expensive kills and now we have covert watchers in our system 24/7. They have smelled the chum in the water and it will only change when we begin costing them some of their expensive ships. So I am looking forward to some pew and getting my security status cleaned back up.


Grinding Sec Again... and nice solo pew

Well Vulnerability and I have decided to grind our way to good empire graces again and this new-years weekend we set off for the outer ring, as we have jump clones and ships located there for just this purpose.

Upon arriving in our clone stations though we come to realize that we do not have very many torpedo’s for our stealth bombers so we find the nearest supplies on the market and buy them and set our destination to D5IW-F. Upon jumping into the system we find the system camped, I manage to escape the interdictor bubble with Zandramus and Ref’Tal, however Vulnerability seems to have issues with hitting mwd and cloak as I instructed him and my dear brother informs me that he is getting shot by the gate campers. Ref’Tal is already docked up but all Zandramus can do is watch as Vulnerability becomes shipless, though he manages to get away in his pod and docks and purchases another ship.

And thus the locals are no longer content at killing my brother, now they are smack talking in local and asking for ransom to let him leave the station, I watch intently as they warp back and forth from the station to the gate setting up bubbles and camping, but wait a second, there is a lone Oracle sniper that appears to warp to the same spot on the gate camp and is lazily sitting there all by himself. “Zandramus smells chum in the water”, I maneuver to within 40 of the oracle and wait, just as all of his buddies warp back to the station I click approach and bomb the target, click orbit and microwarpdrive, as I get to 19k he is starting to move and I disrupt his warp engines as the first volley of torpedoes slams into his hull. He is going down fast but not fast enough for me as I suspect he is crying for his gang support right about now. Just as his help arrives my torpedoes reduce his shiny sniper boat to scrap-metal and I cloak up grinning.

Local was something like this…

>2skulls - you are no longer blue
>Zandramus - You were not blue the instant you shot my corpie.
>2skulls – you guys are dead
>Zandramus – Moar Tearz Please

I can’t remember the rest of the conversation but I was enjoying it, we played SWTOR for about 5 hours while they camped us in the station then I undocked everyone and insta-warped them to a safespot and logged out. oh so much time wasted for them. Apparently their corp and my corp were supposed to be blue, but checking the killmails he was on Vulnerabilities killmail so I don’t feel bad for killing him and I got 80 points on battleclinic for the solo kill with my stealth bomber. We did get to grind some Sec I am down to -5.0 and we get the word the corp is moving to Stain so we pack up and are headed back to Tamo to start packing for Stain.