Monday, October 3, 2011

Wormholes wormholes and more wormholes

What a busy weekend in the wormhole.... As I previously have posted our first 3 weeks in this hole were without a hisec or lowsec opening. Well that must have not been the norm as this weekend we spent most of the weekend closing holes to lowsec hisec and unfriendly wh space. We at one point had our static to 0.0, a wh to a class5, and 2 low-sec wormholes.

We did make a fuel run when the first low sec hole open-end to gallente space, though the system we opened into was involved in an incursion. It was 10 jumps to ourselart we filled a freighter there and jumped it a few more jumps back towards us in a .5 bordering a .4 which of course was being camped by pirates yarr...

I jumped my trusty legion in to the gate camped system there were a alpha ship on the gate being repped by a armor logistics ship. I tell the haulers not to jump in and burn back to the gate. They only take half of my shields off before I jump out. Now I remember low sec tanking the gate guns back in the day and you had to warp off after an attack. So I go back to the other side of the gate and jump in again.... They are still there tanking the gate guns lol well that's new... I burn back to the gate again and sit there just to see how much damage they can do to my armor. I am able to tank the dos they are doing but there are others on dscan and I am sure if I agrees they would warp in. I jump back out and we mark that system as an avoid which makes our trip back to the hole a 26 jump adventure with 2 transport ships the last 10 jumps will be through low sec lol. Looking at the route all the pirates would have to do is camp 1 other system 3 jumps for them and we would not be a able to get back to the hole.

Lucky for us they are not that clever and the trip goes uneventful.

Back in the hole we close that exit and a class 5 opened we begin closing that one when as we just warp to the pos from the hole an orca jumped into our hole that the cov ops spots. We race back to the hole he didn't appear to warp off but he is not there we try and find him but cannot. So frustrating, another low sec opened up and a half hour later the cov ops pilot sees the orca leave via that hole.

We close that hole and a class 4 opened up that as we are closing a cheetah jumped into us our onyx bubbled up but he cloaked before anyone locked him fail fail...
We see him leave through the 0.0 static which is the only open hole at the moment.

That hole collapses at the end of it's life and we get a new 0.0 static, a class 5, and a hisec 4 jumps from ourselart. Lol could have saved some time waiting for that one. At the end of Sunday all holes are closed or choked and I go to bed not having been able to run any anomalies all weekend and the Corp account back to 10 mills having spent 2 bil in empire on supplies. Back to the grind tonight

The Lost Trader

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