Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Return to W-Space

The return to W-Space,

So after the failure that was Diablo 3, I have come back to Eve to see my corporation joining the Testies and deploying to Fountain. Being short of isk, I really didn’t want to spend another couple hundred million moving ships for what I assumed would be another deployment with less than stellar participation and generally costing me more isk that what I could earn.

I spoke with the CEO and made a decision to find a C3 and move in which was accomplished over the weekend. Moving in was complicated by the low-sec system being full of ebil – piwats and only 1 station in system so after jumping the jump freighter and archon into the system it was very hard to move ships and supplies into the workhole the first day, in fact I lost a PVP Tempest on the hole and lost a Viator undocking from the station. Not having moved more than the POS on Saturday, there was a much more preferable Static on Sunday that was within Jump Range and after jumping the Freighter and Archon there it was short work with no one in system to get everything into the hole and the POS set up correctly.

The next night there was only the static WH and we collapsed it to get some anoms run putting 270m isk back into the corp wallet. I want to thank Penny Ibromovik over at for the tengu fits and the excellent exploration blogs that persuaded me to take another stab at W-Space.

Last evening there was 3 inbound K-162’s 1 C4, 1HS, 1LS, and also the outbound LS WH so there was too much work to collapse so many holes, It did allow me to make a market run and pick up some command centers to get the PI started. I will be exporting P1 off of the planets there is an excellent source of Oxygen, and Plasmoids in the system so with everyone of our 8 toons doing their part we should be able to cover the 600m a month fuel block cost which will let us bank all of the sleeper loot when we are able to run anoms.


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  1. Welcome back man! We just got settled in our n ew C3 in the last week... feels good to be back in the deadliest space in (or where ever it is in relation to) EVE... =]