Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wormhole Life – Week 1

So I have concluded week 1 in our new home system, I have several characters that have set up PI on the planets here, We have knocked down 2 customs offices with plans on knocking down the rest. It is a very time consuming proposition to take down a customs office with only 7 toons. You are very exposed for about an hour of shooting basically sitting in one spot. However to make the most out of PI we must get rid of the ridiculous tax rate that Interbus is charging.

There was one player owned customs office in the wh already and they had their tax rate set at 100 pct. I tried to contact the corp that owned it to perhaps purchase or get standings to no avail, so last Friday night I reinforced the Customs office, and it came out of reinforce at 4:00 AM on Sunday, I was waiting  for some more of the corp to come online Sunday morning as I was Closing 4 Wormholes so we could hit the Customs office, and waited too long and it went over 50 pct. We re-inforced it again and killed it Tuesday morning at 3:30 AM.

The Interbus Customs offices don’t seem to go into re-inforced mode, we have enough raw materials to begin setting up the factory planets, but we need to kill a few more interbus offices to get those set up so it doesn’t cost me anything to get started.

I am enjoying the fact that the WH has a static Low-sec entrance, and that we seem to be able to roll the static fairly easily. This allows me to purchase good in either Amarr, or Jita and freighter them to the nearest Hi-Sec, then Jump Freighter them into the Low-Sec Station. The last WH we had with a Null-Sec Static pretty much was a logistic nightmare.

All in all we made about 1.5b for the first week in the hole, we spent about 2.8b for ships and modules that we didn’t have, I purchased 5 Geddons, 5 Oracles, 1 Orca, 1 Proteus, 5 stealth bombers, 5 anathemas, 1 devoter either prior to moving in or after moving in.

We cleared all the sites averaging about 3 anoms a day. We have about 60m worth of P1 in the POS ready to start manufacturing. I need to set up a spreadsheet for PI Manufacturing with what we are taking in from the planets and what we will be producing. I am planning on producing some POS fuel components, and a very profitable p4 item. Since we will be paying no taxes onto or off of the planets I may switch from producing P1 at the extraction point to exporting P0 right to the manufacturing planets. I will have to see what hassles are involved.

Paying for fuel blocks should completely be offset by PI, and sleeper salvage should begin to accumulate into the corp wallet at this point. I am training everyone to get into tengu’s right now we have 2 tengu pilots and 4 drake pilots. It would be very nice to have 6 tengu pilots.



  1. You think it's hard rollin a POCO with 7 toons? Try 3 or just 2! LOL

    The 1st WH we lived in, a C1/Hi was ALWAYS gettin 'visitors'... lots of folks scan holes from Hisec it seems, but the C2/Lo we lived in for 9 months was very very quiet in that regard. The vast majority of tourists were from other holes... and that (for some reason) we simply dint mind as much...

    Our new C3 has a Lo stat and it is, so far exactly what we were lookin for... though with only a 3 man corp gettin all the PI etc. setup does take a while...

    Sounds like ya'll are settlin in OK, Good luck!

  2. Thanks tur I been keeping track of your ventur back to wspace as well. Sounds like we both jumped back in about the same time. I dunno if I could do wspace below c3. The sites in here even with 2 tengu's go pretty quick.

  3. LOL... Well, we are still working our way UP the Class ladder. So far the C3 Sleepy Guys are about what we expected... harder than C2 and therefore FUN again. The plan is to live here till we get complacent again and then move on up... =]

    So far I'm the only one of us to fully buy into the Strat Crusier as my main WH ship... I would like to see us in a T3 fleet, would be awesum.