Monday, February 27, 2012

Battles with Pandemic Legion… Nem3 gives PL a bloody nose

So as I stated in the previous posting, Sniggwaffe, Pandemic Region, and several other PL training corps have moved themselves into Delve. Friday evening when I logged in there was a tier 3 sniper gang camping the undock on the MO-GZ5 station. They had managed to somehow bug the grid so that when undocking you didn’t see them at first and they managed to one shot a couple of small ships undocking. I was sitting cloaked about 100k off the station when they warped in to 250k above, before I could get position on them they warped into the bugged grid which made them disappear off of my overview, but they were 60k above the undock.

Unable to do anything aginst this group in the rapier I was in, I docked up and got in the Archon to see what type of DPS this crew had with them. In a matter of minutes they were breaking my armor tank on the Archon so I docked up and repaired. They started to rape-cage the station with a cloaky hauler, at this we massive undocked several carriers and armor battleships, I was sitting on the undock when everyone undocked and I already had 5 of the tier 3 battlecruisers locked. They had a significant amount of scimitars with  them and had a pretty good rep, but I don’t think they were expecting me to unleash the 10 tech 2 sentry drones on them. I started calling primaries and the ships were going pop, pop, pop in a matter of seconds I had myself 5 nice killmails with the sentry drones and pulled them in and deployed fighters which chased them all over the system as they ran.   

Saturday were getting ready for a CTA that was supposed to be a ROL invasion, which didn’t happen so we used that opportunity to reinforce the Snigwaffe POS in D-W7F0 after reinforcing this the timer was set to come out right after downtime Sunday morning, so I set my alarm clock and when I woke up I heard that we had kill a PL carrier that was repping the mods on the pos and it was pretty fail fit, also notice that shortly after this kill the pilot is no longer in PL So we come in right after down time in a Armor fleet and kill the POS, I actually was in a Hictor watching the gate as I don’t like shooting structures, and managed to get some good kills in the next system over.

After this I take a break and come back just as a nano roam is going out and I get this juicy kill in ROL space.. … This was a long roam and I needed a break so I watched a movie for the day and came back just as a major CTA was forming up.

Apparently PL had placed another POS in D-W and things were about to get fun. A shield BC fleet was formed up and we waited for a long time in T5Z on the D-W gate waiting to jump into about a 47 man sniper tier 3 gang. I was in my Artie-Cane we jumped into the fleet and began aligning and took 5-6 losses right of the bat, I killed a rifter tackle and we warped to the safe pos. The sniper gang arrived at the safe pos and was shooting it when we all formed up and MWD on we get into position on the gang and kill about 5 of them and they warp off. We warped onto their pos as it was not gunned yet and began putting dps onto it, they came out and got range on us so we warped off, we warped back in on them and they POS’d up, A cyno went up in the system as we were shooting the tower when In warps a Nomad that apparently entered the wrong password for the POS and he stops short, and is quickly tackled and melted with yours truly getting the final blow…a game first Jump-freighter kill for me.  The comments on the PL boards just make it all too sweet…

After this engagement, the next time we warp into the POS I am primaried and manage to get my Cain away with 47 pct structure, but I am out of the fight in the safe pos and on fire for about 45 min, while I get my alt in a pilgrim with armor maint drones through the jump-bridge and come in the back way right into a 60 man RVB assult frig blob on the gate coming into D-W. Shit, Shit this is going to take some skills. As I am AB Cyno Fit I pulse the AB and cloak zoom out and see a hole in their camp and slowly, slowly make my way out of the 6 tech2 large bubbles, RVB failure lol. I repair the armor on my Cane at a SS and get back in the fight.

At this point  RVB gets a warp into us shooting the pos and manage to get me scrammed, and webbed I kill 3 frigs before I go down and manage to get my pod out, but PL emerge from the POS and kill quite a bit of the shield BC fleet. We manage to break out of the system in short order and return to MO-GZ5 to re-ship, and take a 15-30 min break.

After the break shit starts to get real as 5 PL carriers are Cyno’d into the system, I reship into a Revelation and myself and the rest of the capitals jump into the system with the 5 PL carriers sitting in their POS, we siege green and quickly reinforce their POS as PL Jump out of system promising a fight on the timer, just after downtime.

Well some of us work for a living so I don’t know if anything happened this morning

Here is the battlereport of the battle with ship-types and kills / losses as I can gather them.

Good fights to all…


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