Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 3 in the hole

This last week I have been very busy so my game time has been limited to the daily PI obligations, and we did manage to run about half of our sites on Saturday. The rest of my game time has involved closing wormholes that have been abundant this last week making it hard to have any time left over to do anything else.

I have the majority of the PI set up now, to manufacture POS fuels for making Fuel blocks, this reduces the cost of operation in the WH. I am also manufacturing Nanite Repair Paste, and some other P4 item. I still have about 7 planet slots available for low planetary product output. I seem to be running out of Bacteria this week, last week it was Biofuels. It is very hard to balance the output across all of the alts, I still have a couple left to train, but I am not training them until I get everyone who can fly a combat toon into a Tengu.

On the Tengu Training I have 4 toons within 20 days of being able to pilot a Tengu with tech 2 missile skills and all of the fitting skills trained. I have 1 toon alredy in a Tengu, my brother has 2 toons in Tengu’s aready

Right now we are running the sites with 2 Tengu’s and 3 Drakes, this weekend we will buy another Tengu to make it 3 and 2, thus we will be able to add another drake pilot or two while they are training Tengu’s

Corporation Wallet is finally starting to grow, I am importing Ice Products for fuel blocks Importing Silicon and Chiral Structures to complete my POS Fuel supply and Nanite Repair Paste supply chain, I am buying these in Jita and Jump freightering them to the LS system.

For PVP Zandramus and Vulnerability will be joining the Faction Warfare for some Pew, I have had some visitors into the WH but am either totally outgunned or they are cloaky scanning ships that are hard to catch. I figure that they can leave corp and join FW when the WH is in a FW system then leave FW and corp back up when they are done, as long as they don’t have roles. If the POS gets attacked the alts in the corp all have pos gun skills which give us like 7 pos gunners.

This hole seems to spawn a lot of gas and rocks, Its driving me crazy it makes it much longer to scan this week having 14 gas and rock sites that I activate as soo as I get a new one but its like they are breeding or something. I have no use for either of these sites, I am not going to be mining in the hole for gas or rocks, it takes too long and you are too exposed to attack.

That’s all for now



  1. Query, do you scan the gas & roc sites to 100 and run out an pop em? (IE fly by causing them to spawn but not 'run' them)

    It is our experience that the faster sites are 'popped' (either run or just fly-by and left to die) the fewer sites will spawn in the future. This also follow the scant lore I have been able to research.

  2. I activate the sites by warping to them then they usually die within 4 days.

  3. KK, but have you noticed a relationship between allowing them to spawn untouced as compared to running/popping them? A relationship that affects spawn rate & number of sites?