Wednesday, July 25, 2012

100 Million, a reflection

100 Million

So, sometime in the last day or two, Zandramus has passed the 100 million sp milestone, based on the age of the character, he should have nearly 1.5 times that, though my time in eve has been on and off and he went for quite some time un-subbed.

A bit of history

 Zandramus started his career in 2004 and I played the game solid for 2 years until he was at or about 30-35m sp. My brother and I flew with SAS one of the first serious Merc corps in the game and enjoyed flying with them. Some real life stuff happened and I realized I was spending too much time in the game and decided to take a break. At this time I had introduced the game to my son and his friend. My son who was Kresh Vladir, and his friend the now infamous SuperTwinky69. I had no idea what monsters I was creating when I introduced this game to them whilst they were mere teenagers, but that is another story.

My son went on to use Zandramus for a few years before giving up on EVE completely swearing to this day that EVE is a broken game. Zandramus passed to SuperTwinky69 who used him as a Supercap Alt and trained him to fly an Aeon. Super has repeatedly quit and come back to the game and is currently active. I re-aquired Zandramus from SuperTwinky69, when I decided I wanted to play again, it took several months of convincing to get my character back but it is nice to have control of what I believe was my creation. At that point in time Zandramus had 84m sp.

Zandramus is currently holed up at the moment fattening his wallet waiting for the winter fighting to begin, He currently has 19m sp in gunnery, 32m sp in spaceship command and 16m sp in drones. He has BS5, cruiser 5 trained for all races and can field tech 2 guns / missiles on anything he flies. This character is certainly fun to log in and fly through New Eden and search for something to assplode.

I do long for the days though when you could roam with a 15 man BS fleet and there were no logistic ships in the game, back when Eve was new. All of the games I have ever played this one seems to be closer to what I like than any other, I was brought up with the old Bulliten Board systems in the 90’s pre-internet and found there a game called TradeWars and Tradewars 2002. Having loved this game, finding EVE just the logical next generation of this game with 3D graphics, I feel that games have lost all the risk associated with them that they had in the past. All that is except EVE and this is why I came back to this game last year, and will be here to the end.



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