Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Mate Wars... a giant troll...

I would like to share some behind the scenes on this topic as I have been listening to how it actually started versus how it is being perceived, which I might add is quite comical, especially those of you who actually think the Aussi was being serious.

First, let me go over the players here the player who had all the convo’s with  Rvb I do not know him, I am hearing this second hand from the others that were kicked from RvB at the same time as he was. Lets just say that Kresh Vladir, has returned to the game with a new toon shortly before this all happened, he and the Aussi, and a particularly angry FC from NC. and some other NC. alts where having some fun in Red federation and happened to get kicked after refusing to re-imburse some losses. The Aussi, began trolling the Red Federation directors, about being kicked over reimbursement, and they took the bait with a forum thread as if it he was being serious about the whole mate thing. Thus the Mate war was started. Kresh's  friends created Yellow federation as a shallow troll of RvB taking all of the corp information right off the RvB forum, NC. declares war on RvB and Yellow Federation declares war on RvB, Comedy ensues. Kresh’s friend puts together a RR BS fleet and gets blobbed to hell 150+ to 18, losing a full slave set in the process…

Kresh’s friends puts some disco BS’s together in a HS system and gets the rvb frig fleet to warp in on him and comedy ensues as they manage to kill 22b isk in pods before he and his NC. Pal lose their disco BS’s.

Now I want to say with Kresh and his buddy there have been some funny content generated in this game. It was Kresh who using my alt back in the day that ate the head off the Sharks with Laserbeams can art with a giant Pac-Man. I can say I am happy my son has returned to the game, I wish him and Super69 the best and hope that you all have fun with the Mate wars…. Last I checked last night Kresh was can flipping somewhere in Hisec…..



  1. I guess the two NC Fleets of Doms Losses was part of the troll too!