Monday, February 13, 2012

Lack of kills due to lack effort…

While many of my alliance mates were able to get several capital kills this past week, on each of the ops I passed on traveling the 30+ jumps to go investigate neutral ratting systems as I was in a rather expensive clone and really didn’t feel like putting in the effort required. So this last week the pew was rather dismal, I spent a bit of time trying to make some isk, running a couple of havens, and salvaging. Bottom-line is I have about 700m in the wallet towards my Aeon fund, and a long way to go. I cannot seem to run more than a couple of havens before I get bored as hell or before some cloaky person pays a visit to my system only to sit there cloaked for ages, which forces me to go camp the outgate in the hope of getting some pew, only to see said person log or exit right after I take down the bubbles and go to bed for the night.
We have had some more sov grinding, which I am very happy to have the Revelation for now. My brother managed to get himself a Moros over the weekend and he popped its cherry on a CTA to shoot down a TCU. With our neighbors to the south deployed at the moment we have seen an uptick in roaming 3-5 man gangs, and I managed to get on the kill of a rupture yesterday afternoon, in some ways a great fight in eve is as elusive as that great golf shot, or the chance at a 300 game in bowling. It comes around every so often, just enough to keep you from quitting and keeps you yearning for the next great fight / chip in / 274. I must report that it has been a while since I holed out from 150+ yards, the 300 game is still elusive, but fun every time I string 6+ strikes in a row, and while I recently had a great fight, I can say I can wait for the next one, until then it’s back to the grind and building up the Aeon fund.


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  1. Is plexing an option? The pay is substantially greater for that as opposed to regular anom-running.