Monday, February 6, 2012

Pew of The Week (POTW) with TEST Alliance

I haven’t had much to report lately, we have been grinding SOV and frankly that is like watching paint dry, but it is a necessary evil that has to be done for any fledgling alliance. We have had the typical roam here and there but have had astonishingly few kills in my timezone, we form up for a incoming fleet and then get blue balled by said fleet even when we have even numbers.  

That was until last night just before the big game was about to kick off, we were given short notice to be in shield bc’s and to form up on the titan. We managed a 30 man fleet with 3 scimi’s and we bridged to lowsec about 11 jumps from the target system of Huna. We were going to agress some TEST Alliance pilots that numbered in the 60’s with capital support. We were going to be assisting some neutrals that were outnumbered in the system, even with our numbers we were still going to be outnumbered by the TEST fleet.

Fleet jumped into Huna and we got a warp into the field right at my optimal of 50k in my Artie-Cane. First wave of the battle, primaries were being called fast and the ships were popping just as fast as I could lock them and get one volley into them. After about 15-20 ships on their side were down they retreated into their pos shields while we went to work on the ECM batteries on the POS, the POS had no guns on it, lol fail. After we incapped 3 ECM batteries the TEST fleet warped to a ping about 300k off the pos and warped back to us in the 20-30k range. We quickly burned back out to our optimals and the target calling proceeded for the next 5 minutes or so. I was Jammed for much of this part of the battle, I think I managed to get in on only 3-4 kills in this wave as the pos gunners had singled me out for jamming. We lost 2 ships initially in this engagement until we got back out to our optimals, both ships were Drakes. Battle report straight from our killboard is here This shows we killed 30 whilst they managed to get 2 of us. If you take a look at their killboard for this battle, their losses are even more as they lost 49 ships Total and managed to kill 3 others totaling 5 for the engagement.

The fight was one of the best I have been in since I flew with SAS, this was about all I was going to talk about on this blog but while I was researching the battle, I see we engaged them again this morning, and I am amazed at how once sided these 2 battles are, take a look at the killboard for this battle in C3N-3S

It shows that while being outnumbered by nearly 2-1 odds that we managed to kill 63 more ships with only 24 losses. I can imagine that TEST leadership is probably not too pleased with their current efficiency in battle, though I am upset I wasn’t able to participate in this second battle, I hope that there are more like this to come.


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  1. Congrats on the great fight!

    My short experience flying with TEST while I was in FA/TNT tells me that leadership doesn't care much that they lost horribly. I could be wrong, but it's always the impression I got.