Friday, February 24, 2012

Unending Pew… and cautiousness with Caps

It has been a very busy month in Delve, the routine has been that I arrive home and there is a roam out which I catch up on and there seems to be no end of good pew to be had. So far this month I am at 104 kills and 1 loss, though it was a very expensive rapier…and I also missed a batch of 24 kills the other night as I got home too late to make it into the subcap fleet, so I flew the carrier to help remove a couple of Snigwaffe SBU’s that had been placed in D-W. So rather than participating in the goodfight that was happening on the gates I got to shoot at structures which frankly was like watching paint dry.

Earlier this month SniggWaffe has moved into the area, they have set a pos in D-W which is in a strategic position to allow them to Blops the entirety of Delve. We have had several battles I would have to say one-sided battles with their bomber fleet, but one must always be cautious when dealing with Pandemic Leagion… and while Snigwaffe is mostly filled with PL wannabe’s, as someone who was in one of the founder corps of PL, I can see a strategy here where PL sends out Snigwaffe to irritate small alliances into using capital ships and then PL can pounce in with their Supers and GG us once they have killed off the capital fleet.

So for me I am being very cautious with my capitals, I am also enjoying the subcap fights that Sniggwaffe has been providing. After all EVE can be very much like a chessgame, if you play too greedily you can end up getting checkmated early.



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