Thursday, February 9, 2012

A well laid trap foiled by idiots…

So last night I decided I would set a trap for the nightly roam that winds through our space, I was specifically setting up for a frigate roam, anything larger and I would not have the setup to handle.

I picked a system with a regional gate, 3 jumps from our home system, I had bookmarks here for 3 bubbles that would drag anything coming from any direction into a focal point where I had 2 disco-Armageddon’s sitting cloaked about 7k apart. I was using explosive and thermal damage types. Basically anything drug into the kill zone would die fast and be podded.

After sitting around for 3 hours with no one coming up on the intel-channel there began to be word of a 10 man frig gang with 1 drake 5 jumps away. All I had to do is wait for them to arrive and head further down the pipe. Meanwhile in alliance chat I see they are forming up a home defense fleet to deal with the gang, I got into the fleet and let them know the plans I had and the trap that was set up, and to have them push the gang my direction.

So what does our elite pvp gang end up doing? Well they get about 30 guys in fleet and of course they are making sure they have logi support with them, and be sure to call for reps and form up on the titan while they have a dictor chase the gang in the wrong direction until he finally jumps into the gang and bubbles up and lights the cyno where 30 idiots pour out of and kill everything. And while I hear them patting themselves patting themselves on the back and saying, I hope those guys come back that was fun.

All I can say in fleet chat is fucking fail, you just titan bridged a fleet onto a frigate gang… If I were in the frigate gang I would certainly want to come back after that happened NOT… Its no wonder people hate super caps so much when people do this sort of shit, how hard would it have been to chase down this gang with some fast frigates, or chase them in the direction of a well laid trap.

I thank the fleet for wasting my time this evening just so they could kill-mail whore on a fleet of frigates, let me clue you in you elite pvp’ers, 2 vs 10 would have been an awesome fight, 30 vs 10 is fail.



  1. We've got a few FCs like that in FAIL as well. They're getting less popular these days as people are getting frustrated with them. More Corporate roams are going out with a bigger focus on the small gang PvP as opposed to the 30 with logi vs 10 frigs.

    I hear you may be joining us in gjo-. Right now, there is more action to be had. Maybe you'll find yourself in a small gang fleet.

    I'm still working on my FCing (I'm brand new to it), but if I see you around, I'll ask you if you want to join fleet.

  2. I am always up for pvp, if I see you around I will definitely join up.


  3. This is exactly why I am not really looking forward to my corps upcoming nullsec adventures. I bow to the corp vote, the other guys wanna go try out null... meh.

    I read stuff like this all the time. And I am not impressed. I so prefer small gang PvP. We never had a 30 man fleet with login and a Capitol jump us in the C2. Now we had a Carrier, a Nidhogger, and damn straight would've used it.... if we were bacshed or if someone decided to bring in a massclosing BS/Bc fleet, but a coulpe a guys raiding from the Statis? If we have the number to match, or even get close, we fleet up and go pew pew!

    I don't know whats gonnhappen when we go to null, but I don't want any part of a fail fleet like that... I'd be ashamed of the Killmails, and myself.

  4. for give the spellin... christ i hate typin.. =]