Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Reeboot - Day 1


I havent blogged in a while I have been having some health issues which I am trying to deal with, I am still playing eve though my focus for the next few months will be trying to get my body back in shape, first through diet and then through cycling and exercise.

Tuesday March 19, 2013     Day - 1

After watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and nearly dead last night I have decided to give the 10 day reboot a try to see if it can significantly move me along the path of getting back to a healthy weight. Since last November I have been in and out of the hospital 3 times I have had a heart catheterization which showed several blockages, that were not to the point yet where they needed stents or anything like that but it did show that I have coronary artery disease.

On top of that the next two visits to the hospital were from my heart going into atrial fibrolation, this happens when the signal from the nerves at the top of the heart cause the bottom of the heart to flutter rather than beat. Due to these things I am already on a very restrictive diet. I can no longer eat red meat, no caffeine, no alchohol, and less than 2000 mg of sodium daily. Sodium is the big one, I cannot tell you how much this effects what you can eat, because anything that is processed and packaged has a shit ton of sodium in it. This is what got me interested in salads and juicing. I essentially have to cook all my own meals anyways, I am currently down 15 pounds from where I started in November but I am faltering I am 6’3” tall and weigh 296 pounds. I don’t get any exercise at this point all I do is sit at work and sit at home, and I have begun to add sweets into my diet which is not healthy for me at this point, I feel like I need to do something drastic to get me back on track and this is why I am starting the reboot.

This morning my breakfast consisted of juice from the following recipe – 365 calories

3 Carrots – 25 calories

3 Oranges – 207 calories

1 lemon – 17 calories

1 apple – 116 calories

This morning was the first time I added lemon to this recipe and I think it made it one of my favorites, for lunch today I have to find a juice bar near where I work, after work I am going produce shopping for some additional vegetables. At this point at 9 am I am not hungry but I am sure I will feel hunger over the next 10 days, I must have the willpower to see this through. I will also be evaluating how many calories are in this diet so that I am not starving myself to death I am going to make sure I am getting 1500 calories in a day at least.

Lunch: Failing to find a juicing vendor anywhere within 20 miles of where I work I went to the grocery store and bought some produce for juicing at home and also bought a Naked Green Machine juice at the grocery, I don’t know what the quality of this juice is, it tastes very good but I will make sure that I pack my lunch for tomorrow. Calories in the Green Machine Juice – 280 calories.

Dinner: This was my first attempt at making the mean green juice, I followed the recipe exactly which was

1 cucumber
4 celery stalks
2 apples
6-8 leaves kale (Australian tuscan cabbage)
1/2 lemon
1 tbsp ginger
All I can say is that this made about 40 oz of the most disgusting liquid I have ever tasted, I think gasoline may have tasted better, but I manned up and drank 20 oz of it. It left me not hungry at all for the next 5 hours, though just after drinking it I was watching the show “Bones” on my dvr and they had a burnt victim on the show this week, and I nearly puked all that juice all over the couch where I was sitting.  To say I was nauseated for the rest of the evening would be quite appropriate. I put the other 20 oz of this concoction in the fridge to see if maybe I could mix it with my morning juice and make it taste better.

I went to sleep about 10 pm a little hungry but I wasn’t about to go get into that juice again right before bed.

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