Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mining in W-space


After logging in to find that some bastard stole all my sites again this friday while I was sleeping the only thing left in the WH was a Unsecure Core deposit, so I warped and and scanned to see what was there Ark - 35k and Bistot - 200k .... well thats quite a bit of isk there so I moved everybody in position to have the boosting character with the mining mindlink, and 5 retrievers.

After closing all of the wormholes, and placing bubbles and cans at all of the warp ins from every celestial in the system

We began mining and with a full boosting Orca, we are making good progress
I dont think we will have enough space in the corporate hanger for all of the ore, so we will have to start rolling the static soon to get a WH somewhere near caldari space where we have perfect refining.
Now I will say that the only semi secure way to mine in W-Space, is to close all of the holes, bubble all of the aproaches from every celestial and anom, place decloaking cans from every one of those aproaches and place combat scanning probes and keep mashing scan. At the first site of a new Signature, beat feet back to the POS.
So thats it for now


  1. What would the bubbles catch that you would not by scanning for new sigs?

  2. The bubbles and cans are for the lone cloaky that may be logged off in the hole. Even though you have everything closed, don't discount someone didn't log off in a cloaky tier 3 that could end your mining op in a hurry, hopefully he decloaks before he points one of you.


  3. Just a point, we don't use Corp Hangar Arrays at all... We have 1 each, Sm, Med, Lrg and X-Lrg Ship Assy Arrays for ALL ship, mods, ore, fuels & L&S storage.

    The Large is OL all the time, the others are OL'ed as needed for production only. As you can see (this is more for others out there as I am sure you knw this but) the greatly increased m3, 18.5 Million m3, of the Lrg SAA m3 is well worth the increased grid costs... a least it is IOHO.

    CHA = Capacity: 1,400,000 m3
    CPU usage: 150 tf
    Power usage: 100,000 MW

    Sm & Med SAA = same m3 Capacity: 2,000,000 m3
    Sm Grid cost:
    CPU usage: 250 tf
    Power usage: 100,000 MW

    Med Grid cost:
    CPU usage: 500 tf
    Power usage: 200,000 MW

    Lrg & X-Lrg SAA = same m3 Capacity: 18,500,000 m3
    Lrg & X-Lrg same Grid cost:
    PU usage: 1000 tf
    Power usage: 300,000 MW

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