Monday, January 30, 2012

Tracking and Physics

I wanted to add my two cents to a post by Jester which can be found here...

I will let you read it and come back to this post but Jester postulates that large ships guns should not be able to hit small ships that are being piloted correctly, and in a perfect world I would tend to agree with this but Eve is not a perfect world. It is a world of flawed physics where ships of 1m kg of mass can make ships of 100m kg of mass made to look like they are dancing on a string by bumping into them.

To further my point, most pilots in these large ships have loads of time invested in skilling up for those large ships, so do you think it is fair then that these vessels should be put at risk or lost to someone who has been in the game for a month and is flying a ship that cost 1/100 of the ship that the veteran is in?  To be realistic, frigate sized webbers should not work on anything larger than a frigate, a battleship should just drag the frigate along with it.  If you want to web down a battleship you better be using a battleship sized webber.

20m Isk dictors should not be able to pin down a 20-80b isk ship, if you want to do that then you should bring a capitol sized interdiction sphere deployed by a capital class vessel remember (risk/reward) iteration would be nice to see a supercap interdictor.  

Fast moving battleships (*Cough Machariel Cough) should not be able to bump capital sized ships, Freighters, Carriers or Dreadnaughts that have more than 100 times their mass... they should get smashed in and take damage FFS.

Until these issues are fixed / iterated correctly then yes I think that my ship that cost 100 times more than your small mass / low skill ship, should be able to PWN 1 shot those ships. Fix the physics model and I will be happy to support your position.



  1. One of the things that was learned in WWII was that a 50,000+ ton battleship could be disabled or sunk by a one aircraft. This is still true today. Get over it!

  2. I gotta chime in, the cost of a ship has (or should have) no bearing whatsoever on it's effectiveness...

    Wooden, I repeat WOODEN hulled PT Boats in WWII used highly effective torpeodes designed for submarines in highly effecive ways to highly effectively kill those same 50K ton Battleships and many other classes of vessels and they used speed as thier primary, hell nearly ONLY, defense... of course they were up against real world vessels that had a LOT of mixed guns sizes for defense... not just one type.

    Battlehsips did not fire on PT Boats with their 16" main guns, they turned their multiple 40MM bofors and 50 cal machine guns loose on em to quite a devastating effect.

    Now if anyone in EVE was to fit a 'Nado with, say...
    x4 1200mm Arty IIs,
    x2 425mm AC IIs &
    x2 200mm AC IIs
    and dual Sebo's... they'de be fatally trolled right off grid for an asshat and a noob... but I can't help but wonder how it would fare in a mixed fleet fight with good logi... =]

    Eve does not model RL well in that repsect, and it shouldn't as we do not have tens, hundreds or thousands of crewmen manning the guns and flying our ships.... just one guy with a mouse-n-keyboard squeezin in a few hours tween work and family time. =]

  3. Crap, fergot to add... and my (*Cough Machariel Cough) BS should not fit into a Ship Maintenance Bay, which it is so much graphically LARGER than... WITH multiple Maels, Phoons, Hyps, Drakes, 20 Rifters and 100 shuttles either... =P