Monday, August 13, 2012

Amarr Militia Cash Out at Warzone 4.

So this weekend, Sunday afternoon around 1700 Eve Time Amarr FW made the push to Warzone control 4, I hope that militia chat was not indicative on what the Faction warriors are normally because all I could see is a bunch of whiney bitchy little shits trying to blame the fact on everyone but themselves that they did not have enough systems to reach Warzone control 5.

And frankly, it was stated over and over that they would not be cashing out after this that they would be going back to only keeping a few systems, that makes me think maybe it would be better being in a militia that wants to take care of their members through consistent payouts.

Much was said about how Nulli failed to deliver Warzone 5, though I can not see how this was Nulli’s fault, this was more of a fault of the militia  organizationally failed to push the players to plex vulnerable systems to deliver the required amount of systems to vulnerable.

Organization is very bad, it seems in the milita it is very hard to trust new people as there are many many spies, I enjoyed my time in the Amarr milita, and would like to do more FW with them but if there isn’t going to be consistent payouts I think I will try Caldari militia and see how organized they are. It’s a shame, as I prefer to fly Amarr ships first, but I am not spacerich and don’t want to grind to pvp with my ships.

I did manage to get final Blow on a Susan Black kill Friday evening before losing my Hurricane, but I must say minmatar won that battle with superior numbers as I killed 2 cruisers and lost the isk war losing the hurricane to frigates.

Also Friday eveing I tried to organize a fleet of stealth bombers to capture the rest of the ihubs that needed captured, to the militia chat wailing, screw it let Nulli capture the rest, knowing this had to be done before downtime, it was still up in the air if Nulli would be logging back in to finish up the remaining ihubs.

Now I know I am a newcomer to the militia and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, that I was just not trusted enough, so thats cool, Nulli did manage to cap the rest before downtime, but I do want to say that dealing with the militia in general through militia chat is like hearding cats.

So how did I do, well I want to say I did pretty good, It will take me some time to manufacture and sell everything I bought with LP, I managed to cash out with 640 Imperial navy Slicer bpc’s, 12 Navy Omen Bpc’s, 2 Navy Apoc Bpc’s, 12 Customs Office Gantry Bpc’s, and 180 Navy Slicers. I am estimating that this should net me around 18-22 bn ISK on the market. Not bad, I cashed in 4m loyalty points to get these items.

So, I will be taking some time off, I have moved these to my manufacturing base and have started producing them with my manufacturing alt. I see that the market has crashed on Slicers in Jita buy orders at the moment, but I do not expect this to continue long term. The Jita Market was supporting 30m isk slicers for quite some time moving in the 50-100 units daily. The price should stabilize shortly and I should be able to sell my stock over the next couple of months.

Wormhole operations are ongoing, so my wallet should begin to fatten and I will be doing more PVP type operations with my main toon, and even if things don’t work out I will have plenty of Slicers to fly in the near term.


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