Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ambushed While Rolling the Static.

So I logged in the other evening and scanned down the home system, there was a C6 and the usual lowsec static. A quick reconnoiter of the C6 finds 7 active towers and about a dozen active pilots, so this is not a WH that I want to keep open. Looking at itit looks like it will take about 1bn in mass to close, so one pass with 3 battleships with the AB on and then a pass in the devoter has this hole closed and I have a sigh of relief.

Now since it was a K162 inbound I need to roll the static low to close myself back off to anyone from that system. The low 2 jumps away from New Eden so its in the middle of nowhere and there are no stations or people in the system.

First pass through the WH everything goes fine, waiting out the timer at the tower a rapier comes through the hole from lowsec, thinking he may have been from the C5 I land the fleet on the hole and he jumps back out and the second pass through the hole goes normally.  As I am sitting back in the safety of the tower a covert tengu decloaks on the static, again for some reason I think this must be someone from the C6 I just closed, even though I have combat scanners out I miss the new anomaly that is showing up on the scanners and I warp the 2 Geddons and the Abbadon to the WH. I get Geddon out, Geddon In Geddon Out Geddon In, Abaddon Out and 11 guys land on the two geddons on the inside of the WH… Shit Shit I try to warp off no dice and both geddons are polarized, I start locking targets and deploying sentry drones, Ill go down fighting, oh damn they have a Falcon…

They offer to ransom the pods, and ask me to make them an offer, I give them a GF and honestly at this point I’m not going to pay more than 50m for my pod of 2 +4s so I wake up in Jita. Such is life in a WH I think the most dangerous space in EVE.

I spend the evening getting everyone back to the WH, and log off for the night. The next 2 evenings there are 5 open WH’s into me so I get nothing accomplished except to head Zan over to join the Amarr FW. I might as well get some loyalty points to get some Navy Geddons and some Slicers.

The alts all now can fly Tengu’s so they can manage the day to day in the WH, I simply have to adjust my PI production and import a few more goods to keep that going.

So we are currently chilling in Amarr FW, using the WH as supplemental income. I have been joined by my son on a new toon, the plan is to earn enough isk at the cash out to get him a decent character through the character bazaar, so far we are working that plan, but that is another blog post to come later this week.

Fly it like you stole it


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