Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the hole again


The wallet is looking much better than it has been in a long time, I managed to sell about 250 Imperial Navy Slicers, 2 Navy Apocs, and 10 Navy Omens before the slicer market crashed. I am still constructing the remaining 430 Slicer bluprints, I will sell these when the market recovers and I have 100 more slicers already built and in  the hanger.

I spent the last few days reconsolidating my ships I had all over the universe back to my main HS base, all told I had about 4b isk in ships sittting all ove rthe universe I wasnt using or able to get to. I will sell some of these off and keep some of them for spares.

I have spent the last week cleaning out all of the sleepers in my hole, that added a nice chunk of change to the wallet as well I missed out moving in some more tengus into the hole the other day when there was a hs k162 because there was an alliance using my hole as a transit point to move their ships in and out of a C6. I really considered hitting one of their haulers, except I didnt feel like being on the recieving end of 500 idiots sieging my pos afterwards.

so back to business this weekend


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