Monday, August 6, 2012

Faction War..., and Super Caps seeded on the test server

Faction War

I have decided to do the Faction War on the side of the Amarr Loayalists, frankly because they have the best ships IMO and I get to shoot some dirty Minmatar in the process, so it all works out. I will be forming my own corporation this evening, something on the lines of Imperial Slavers or some such… I just can’t see joining some fail corp full of scrubs and spies with my main toon, so we will have about 5 people I know in corp and do corp roams nightly.

We will work on improving our relationship with the current faction warfare corporations and try to get some joint roams going, but from what I saw the other night in the roam there was obviously several spies in the fleet as the Minmatar Militia seems to know where we were warping before we warped.

I must say that honestly spies are pretty fail, this fleet was a BC gang, of 20-25 guys, honestly is winning so important to you that you have to cheat to do it, that pretty much says it all about your character. I also experienced an awoxer yesterday, lol pretty much tells me how good a pvp’er you are that you have to resort to awoxing in frigate warfare lol.

Test Server…

So I was on the test server last night and they have seeded Supercaps and Titans, I made sure to grab the Titan skillbook for Zandramus and train it so that I can try out a Titan tonight on the server. I will have Amarr titan trained to 3 and doomsday trained to 3 by the time I get home today. I will probably never be able to afford a Titan on the main server, but this should provide some fun. There was some SuperCap warfare going on last night and I fitted me out a nice Aeon, and had some fun with it.

That’s all to report this week…


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