Thursday, January 26, 2012

Long time since last post, sneaking an Obelisk into Delve like we were pro

Well real life has gotten very busy, I am working on several pieces of software for my company to support our scanning and imaging applications, and in the midst of that we found out that while deploying Windows 7 64bit environment and new machines that the current image viewer application could not support the video mode that the new video cards produced even at their lowest settings. This would not be an issue had our image viewer been written in a dot net language, but since it was written in the archaic Borland Delphi language (Pascal) and being it was written sometime in the dark ages, I cannot even compile it. Now I knew we were replacing this at some point and I have purchased an imaging control for .net but I planned on deploying these applications as an application suite, and not one at a time.

Because I had to deploy this application immediately, it means that it has to communicate with the other applications that were written in the dark ages, and it takes me several days to decipher the communication protocols that they are using. IE… Mailslots. Hell it took me a whole day to find a good example of their use coded in on the internet.

So I have not been in game much the last week, I go home log in and am exhausted, maybe do some NPC’ing before going to bed. Last evening we spent the whole evening sneaking in an obelisk into delve some 22 jumps from the nearest hisec point, we had several holy shits in local as they saw an obelisk go by scouted by 6 recons. We went through a hostile system of 20 guys like we were pro and they didn’t even notice what had happened. 5 jumps from our destination, we finally started to be chased by someone, though our obelisk pilot was being webbed and was warping so fast the person could not keep up with us. We had plenty of laughs as we delivered the cargo to the destination and I was off to bed after this.


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  1. Deciphering ancient code sucks lol.

    I heard from (someone in my alliance, maybe Archie) that you guys are taking Delve from us and giving up parts of Querious. Is that right?