Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blob Blob Blob…Life in Stain

Well we came down to Stain region to make some isk and hopefully get some GF but all we have seen so far is blob after blob. The first evening we were here we knew that the Happy Ending folks had about equal numbers online in W-Q233 so when they had a person in our station in OOO-FS I was camping them in with  heavy interdictor. The Happy Endings folks came over to OOO-FS and it looked like we were going to get a good fight, their person undocks and a fight ensues, then a Cyno is lit and a capitol fleet drops on us. Before I could get the bubble down and de-aggress my brick Devoter go boom.

My corp. starts undocking carriers in response while I am warping off to a celestial and getting back to the station so my pod didn’t go splat.. meanwhile one of the carriers gets bumped off the station and is taking heavy damage, calls go out to rep the wayward carrier and bump it back to the station. I dock up and undock in the Archon with the intent to only rep the carrier and I begin repping on the undock. The wayward carrier manages to get back in docking range as my archon just finishes up repairing its armor we are outnumbered about 14 – 7 so we dock up.

Later in the evening the corp. loses some expensive battleships coming back from running a 10/10 complex, and shortly after that the corp. loses an expensive solo ratting battleship. The chum is in the water.

Last night the happy endings folks pay our system a visit, there is a single Vagabond that engages a Stealth bomber on the gate and pop’s him, when we arrive at the gate Zandramus is in a Arazu fitted with faction scram and long point to deal with the Vagabond, and Vulnerability is in a Protius. The Vagabond is 300k off the gate and there is a Falcoln that just entered system and decloaks on the gate Vulnerability engages the falcoln forcing him to jump to l-A9FS. Ref’tal is in a stealth bomber on the other side of the gate watching the approach to our system, and the stealth bomber pilot switches to a Curse. Local in L-A9FS fills up with 7 Happy endings folks to come deal with 3 of us. We warp off the gate before they arrive.

15 min later they send an obvious bait Cyclone to the system, somehow Ref’Tal gets disoriented and is watching the wrong gate allowing them to blob us again 7-3 and we lose the Curse. At this point Zandramus switches up to a stealth bomber as it appears we are never going to get a fair fight with these guys and he begins to camp the gate waiting on the Falcoln spy they leave in the system, when he appears on the gate Zandramus engages him forcing him back into L-A9FS, Ref’Tal has not realized yet he is on the wrong gate and is waiting for the Falcoln to de-cloak again to bomb him of course he never does and the Falcoln again enters OOO-FS and Zandramus engages him again, this time though the blob jumps in and everyone engages Zandramus’s Stealth Bomber. 7V1… Zandramus pulls some slick piloting and gets back out of warp disrupter range and warps off with 20 pct armor.

Happy endings leave and go home and don’t return for the rest of the evening and I end up going to bed frustrated.


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