Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nullsec Life, NEM3SIS, Delve, and Karma

I have been moved in now for about a week and I must report that I am having a fantastic time in Delve. I am getting plenty of Pew, however I find myself in some supporting roles that I normally would not have tried I have been in manyt fights as a Devoter Pilot where I wasn’t getting on the killmail, I tried out Logi pilot but didn’t enhjoy that at all I had trained logi 5 so that I could put my carrier into triage mode. I have typically been the DPS’er having trained Fighters 5, Fighter Bombers 5, I am a natural Carrier and Super Carrier Pilot. We have been doing some structure bashing to claim space and all that has been going well, but where I am clearly enjoying myself is that we seem to have regular visitors to our space and we seem to be able to quickly field a gang of people.

Last night was pretty typical we had visitors that had made their way into our pocket and we had begun forming up when we heard that they had killed 2 noctis’s of people who weren’t watching the Intel Channel, then word went out that they had one of our carriers tackled off the station. Immediately I started moving a cyno alt into the system and as I was already in my carrier a few systems away we got a cyno lit in the home system for people to get there and start forming up. The FC had several other carriers undock in that system and begin repping the carrier that was tackled. Once that was happening I managed to get a cyno Lit in that system and several of our PVP carrier pilots jumped to it and warped to the station at 0 and began deploying fighters on the invaders. Karma is a wonderful thing, as these were the Happy Endings corporation that had hot dropped my corp down in Stain in the 000-FS solar system when they blew up my brick Devoter on the station, I was now in the position to return the favor. They had 14 in system and we were now the defending force with the superior numbers and ships.

I immediately went to work on the most expensive ship on the field as it was called primary. I only managed to get on a couple of the killmails as fighters move so darned slow, but was happy to help remove a Loki, and Harbinger from the field.


So I am looking forward to many more fights, I have been in about 20 fleets now and have gotten some good kills, but these stood out to me this week as payback.


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