Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Friends

Well this weekend was a whirlwind of moving assets, the bulk of the corp. still hasn’t finished moving, but we are showing up more and more in local of our new home. The corp. had a meeting about one week after we made the half assed deployment to Stain region, we had been offered a place in an alliance several times and this time it was decided that we would be joining the NEM3SIS alliance and moving to Querious.

So Thursday night I was packing all of my stuff and I spent the next 2 days moving from the ass end of Stain to Querious, which was fortunately only 2 jumps in the Anshar each way. Though it took three trips through a fairly busy hub where the cyno pilot kept getting shot so it was touch and go, I hate risking a 5b isk ship to move my stuff but really I would not have been able to move without it, maybe I need less stuff. It also took 2 trips with 2 carriers to move all of the ships. All told I used about 150k Oxytopes cost me a fortune, and 80k Helium Isotopes (Which are so much cheaper).

Just as I had moved in I was grinding some sec and lost a zealot to a cloaky goon trap  lol but I am still ahead of the isk wars with them.  I made all this back later in the day when we found a class 3 nearby that we invaded for the day and liberated the loot from shooting all of their sites. It was kinda nice running sleeper sites again as I felt very comfortable back in a WH.

I participated in a couple of roams, it appears our fellow lonetrek dwellers and common targets Team Liquid has moved to the NPC stations around us and we were shooting at them on one of the roams, though their Kiting tactics can be quite frustrating, I will be looking forward to shooting at them some more.

That’s all for now TL:DR Moved stuff will have fun shooting peeps soon.


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  1. If that cloaky gang was around NDII <-> 9CG6, that's actually one guy with 9 accounts. The ones I can remember off the top of my head are Admiral Ackbar, Agaroth, and Hixson. He usually has a Sabre, then some Nano stuff and a Rapier/Lacheisis. He fits cloaks on all of them as well. If you see any of his characters in local along your pipe, be certain that death awaits on the other side.

    Just looked at the killmail, it might not have been the 9 accounts guy. I don't know if he has more accounts, though none of those seem familiar. Ackbarr is in goonwaffe though.

    Delve and hi-sec are fairly close by if you need to stash ships out of sov.