Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 The move to Stain..

The move to Stain…

So we have been tasked to move our stuff from the Lonetrek region to the Stain region for some NPC nullsec fun. So I look at the jump plan that has been laid out for us and decide that I will truck most of my goods through empire via freighter to the hi-sec staging point in the Paye solersystem. From there I will load the jump freighter and jump the freighter 3 times to our destiniation in Stain. ‘

The first Jump is just next door to the Low-Sec Staging point that allows my jump freighter to reach the next system in Stain, I have a Cyno character logged in in all three systems with extra ships and cyno’s as most cyno ships get killed in the 10 minutes the cyno is active. Moving the carriers from Lonetrek, I utilize a Pilgrim and then the carriers rep him for the remainder of the cyno cycle so I don’t  lose the cyno characters ship in this section of the route. Once everyone is at the low sec staging point I put the Pilgrim on the carrier and jump the the Archon, Thantos, and Anshar to the first cyno point in Stain. They dock and then jump to our new home in Stain. Quickly I unload everyone and jump them back to the midpoint dock and jump back to the lowsec staging point all on one cyno cycle. The anshar has to pick up more stuff in Paye so we wait for her to pick up the load of supplies for the day and she jups back to the lowsec system. The Anshar is using 40k Isotopes per round trip so this is quite expensive. We make the second trip there and leave the carriers this time only bringing the Anshar back for one more trip which is uneventful and all of our stuff is now in Stain.

Later in the evening I am asked to light several cyno’s for corm members and I do so , though I am starting to lose cyno ships. Once during this evening there was a concerted effort from some Machariels in the low sec system to bump some of our carriers off the undock before they could jump out to Stain. While this is all happening the locals have been stirred up in Stain and they have taken notice to us and decide to drop a Capitol fleet on our sub-caps sitting on our undock and I lose my Heavy Interdictor to them, and have to replace it from stocks in empire, so I make one last jump freighter run and take care of that and bring out a load of unassembled ships from the alt corp hanger in Nonni.

It appears the locals here are going to be hostile to us, though that just makes more targets for us, though it appears that our corp has given them a few expensive kills and now we have covert watchers in our system 24/7. They have smelled the chum in the water and it will only change when we begin costing them some of their expensive ships. So I am looking forward to some pew and getting my security status cleaned back up.


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