Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grinding Sec Again... and nice solo pew

Well Vulnerability and I have decided to grind our way to good empire graces again and this new-years weekend we set off for the outer ring, as we have jump clones and ships located there for just this purpose.

Upon arriving in our clone stations though we come to realize that we do not have very many torpedo’s for our stealth bombers so we find the nearest supplies on the market and buy them and set our destination to D5IW-F. Upon jumping into the system we find the system camped, I manage to escape the interdictor bubble with Zandramus and Ref’Tal, however Vulnerability seems to have issues with hitting mwd and cloak as I instructed him and my dear brother informs me that he is getting shot by the gate campers. Ref’Tal is already docked up but all Zandramus can do is watch as Vulnerability becomes shipless, though he manages to get away in his pod and docks and purchases another ship.

And thus the locals are no longer content at killing my brother, now they are smack talking in local and asking for ransom to let him leave the station, I watch intently as they warp back and forth from the station to the gate setting up bubbles and camping, but wait a second, there is a lone Oracle sniper that appears to warp to the same spot on the gate camp and is lazily sitting there all by himself. “Zandramus smells chum in the water”, I maneuver to within 40 of the oracle and wait, just as all of his buddies warp back to the station I click approach and bomb the target, click orbit and microwarpdrive, as I get to 19k he is starting to move and I disrupt his warp engines as the first volley of torpedoes slams into his hull. He is going down fast but not fast enough for me as I suspect he is crying for his gang support right about now. Just as his help arrives my torpedoes reduce his shiny sniper boat to scrap-metal and I cloak up grinning.

Local was something like this…

>2skulls - you are no longer blue
>Zandramus - You were not blue the instant you shot my corpie.
>2skulls – you guys are dead
>Zandramus – Moar Tearz Please

I can’t remember the rest of the conversation but I was enjoying it, we played SWTOR for about 5 hours while they camped us in the station then I undocked everyone and insta-warped them to a safespot and logged out. oh so much time wasted for them. Apparently their corp and my corp were supposed to be blue, but checking the killmails he was on Vulnerabilities killmail so I don’t feel bad for killing him and I got 80 points on battleclinic for the solo kill with my stealth bomber. We did get to grind some Sec I am down to -5.0 and we get the word the corp is moving to Stain so we pack up and are headed back to Tamo to start packing for Stain.



  1. That's a lovely kill on the Orcale. Good job.

  2. I love the new battlecruisers so squishy...