Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exploring a WH in home system..First Capital kill of 2012

So I logged in last night with some exploring in mind and I find two wormholes in the home system. Wormhole 1a leads to class 1 w-space and it is reaching the end of its life. Wormhole 3a leads to class 3 w-space and this is an outbound wormhole X702 so there is chance to surprise someone here. I do a quick d-scan and see there is a tower here with a forcefield and parked inside the forcefield is an unpiloted Orca, and Velator. I don’t see anything else on d-scan from this location so I warp to the sun and d-scan and I see Hurricane, Maelstrom, Tengu, Armageddon, Noctis, Drake, medium sleeper wreck, medium sleeper wreck, medium sleeper wreck…. Someone is running sites!!! I scan the system without probes so to pick up all of the anomalies and once I have those I sit at the sun and change d-scan to a 15 degree beam and line the sun up with each site on the map and quickly locate them in an anomaly.

Well they are located, now what… no one is on yet in my corp. fail fail. I watch them for the next hour and a half run all of the sites in the system they always hang around for the noctis to finish salvaging before they go on to the next site. Several times the hurricane lingers in the site after everyone else has left, but I am in a cov ops ship and no one else is on to help me so I am left as some pathetic onlooker unable to do anything with this group.

After they have finished the sites they warp back to their own wormhole as they were not the locals, and I drop scan probes and locate their hole and the lowsec static in Aridia region. One of our blue corps has informed us that they are going to kill some capital ships that are shooting their customs offices tonight and invites us along for the fun. We all make use of the wh connection to Aridia as then we are only 14 jumps from our low-sec base in lonetrek. I arrive in lonetrek just in time to half arse fit up a Armageddon before cyno’s go up and everyone drops on the 2 seiged dreds 3 jumps away. I race to the Saranemi solar system in time to help kill the first dread, and as we get the second one into structure it self destructs before we can kill it.

We make it back home in Stain about a half hour later and its time to go to bed


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