Friday, December 23, 2011

2011, End the year reflection.

I wanted to sit down and reflect back on this year, it has been a very full year for me many things that happened, relationships started and ended, my thoughts on looking forward to 2012.

Several relationships started and ended this year, very disappointed with what I thought was a very serious six month relationship that ended in July, I haven’t really felt like going through the whole song and dance again this fall with anyone, haven’t met anyone that clicked well enough for more than a date or two since then. I am looking forward to putting this years events behind me and starting fresh next year. I need to seriously go through my contact list and remove some numbers…

The beginning of the year was fraught with getting my house back and I had worked out a property settlement with my ex-wife and I took possession of the house in June, I am getting used to living here again, there is a lot of house work to do. I had anticipated in getting back to setting up my studio in the basement and getting back into playing the guitar and looking for a band to play with while I was trying to get the house back, but I haven’t felt the urge to start practicing again. Putting a set list together for 3 hours of content involves knowing around 45-60 songs and is a lot of work to keep up on. My drummer friend wants me to do some guest appearances with their band at some local clubs so there is that, I may look into this and get a set list from him for the next year. I haven’t played seriously for 14 months so will need to rebuild up the strength of my fingers and add some calluses to them if I want to be serious about it.   

I have fully invested getting my characters going again in online gaming, this is usually a winter activity for me so I have laid out some plans on what to do while the weather outside sucks here in Ohio. Once the spring comes back around, I see that they have extended the bike trail to near the house, so no more driving to get to a good bike trail. I plan on getting my century ride in next year finally. This year with the surgery I had and then injuring my foot playing football I was not able to get in anything longer than some 30 mile rides.

This has been a bad year for my pets, I have lost 2 cats this year, and my ex-wife lost another of the cats that the kids had when they were growing up. It is sad as when you have and take care of pets they become like family members with very short life spans. I will cherish the memories that these pets have blessed me with and miss them very much in the coming year.

Other than that my son is turning 21 in January and he wants to go to Las Vegas for a party sometime around March, so there is a plan for everyone to meet up in Vegas for this event and I am definitely looking forward to that.

Who know what else the future holds, there are always suprises and unexpected turns and I am looking forward to experiencing something new in the coming year.


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