Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another frustrating day ends in bonus pew

Well I log in today into the wormhole to find only 3 signatures, finally all of those rock and gas sites have expired except for 1, then I get a new gas site which I activate and the static wormhole which opens to Providence. This is no help I feel dejected and log out and log in Zandramus, he is in Aunenen and it looks like TunDragon is still active here so I log in Ref’Tal  and purchase some stuff on the market and consolidate all of my shit in Nonni into one station.

I am looking forward to getting out of the hole and getting some industry started in Lowsec  Lonetrek, I purchase up some planetary command centers and another Iteron v for Ref’Tal as I left the other one I had here in the wormhole on Sunday. With nothing left to do, I log into Zandramus and take his stealth bomber onward to Tamo where we are shooting a WiDot Customs Office, as we enjoy their company every couple of days, while there are three of them in local they do not ride to the occasion of me shooting the customs office and three of us are not making much progress against it in stealth bombers.

Wishing they had kept the Naga as a Torp spewing BC. Anyways I log in later to move my stuff through aunenen and just as I am scouting the other side of the gate a Tornado warps to 200k off the gate and alpha’s a hauler right in front of me… Interesting, I make a mental note of his warp in point and start closing the distance. Once I think I am close I warp Ref’Tal to the gate and the Tornado warps down 60k from me, so still not close enough I warp Ref’Tal back to the station in Nonni. I move closer and when I think I am about in position I warp Ref’Tal to the gate with all my goods in the hauler but a cloaky installed in the top slot and jump him into Aunenen. The tornado warps down 25k from me.  Hehe..

I align with Ref’Tal and hit the cloak and uncloak in the stealth bomber hit the Mwd orbiut at 16 disrupt his warp engines and proceed to violence his boat. A corpmate warps in in a command BC but I think I could have done this myself as I was top damage dealer on the kill, don’t think he even shot back at either of us. Those Tornado’s are paper thin.

I always gf in local and I get back there was no fight, I find that a curious response from someone who was just alpha ganking haulers but to each his own I guess.

Was a fun kill, I feel like I may be stalking some more of these if they are going to fly solo like this.


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  1. Nice kill. Sounds like he was just a bit bitter. But he should know not to be predictable.