Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Exit to Empir3

I log in tonight to see if there is an escape route to find 8 new signatures in the system, even though I activated the other 8 gas and rock sites previously they are still here so quite a bit of signatures to sort through. I set my probes up to .25 AU resolution in a 7 probe configuration and resolve the current 10 bookmarks one of which is the static that is reaching the end of its natural lifetime.

As I begin to resolve the remaining 8 signatures that are new, I am hopeful that one of these is an exit to low-sec or hi-sec space, but to my chagrin I have 5 new gas and rock sites 1 new radar sight and a K163 to W4 space. I warp to 30k off the W4 wormhole and spy a helios covert ops leaving my system. I wait for about 10 min and jump into the void to see what I can see. A quick d-scan of the system locates the tower which contains an Orca, and a CN Raven, and some haulers and a helios. The Orca is piloted which makes me think they are getting ready to collapse the connection betwixt our systems so I must act fast if I am to find anything useful without getting trapped. I warp to a nearby planet and launch probes.

The system has 12 signatures, and nothing that looks familiar as I am not familiar with the densities in a class 4 to be able to pick out probable WH’s so I feel like I don’t have time to investigate further, I collect probes and beat feet back to my WH and log off in the tower.

I log into Zandramus who was left 4 jumps from home after the last black ops mission. He didn’t have any contacts on that mission so I didn’t feel it necessary to write home about. I undock in my Arazu and head for the home system in Lonetrek. No contacts in local until I jump into the home system and Low and behold, It is full of reds. Tonight we are being hosted by UI. Dot they have come to rescue their customs offices that we put into reinforced the night before last. They have 25 people in local, we have 5… sigh my corpmates are west coasters so I begin to reconnoiter the UI Dot fleet and see what they have.

Their fleet consist of 2 separate elements. 1 BC fleet of what must be shield Harbingers and Hurricanes as they are accompanied by 5 scythes. The other element of their fleet consist of 10 carriers, 5 Thanatos, 5 chimara so I expect it will not take them long to rep the shields on the customs offices. I watch them intently wishing I had a fleet of supers to drop on them but this is not the case so I have ships to buy for a fleet op later tonight so I dock at the station so I can log on my market alt on the same account.

I log into my market alt in Jita 4-4 and proceed to buy some armor ships which Zandramus excels in. I buy a Devoter, a Pilgrim to replace the one I lost foolishly jumping into Nonni when I had GCC and was doing the drinking and flying thing. I buy a Zealot, and I but another Guardian. I purchase all of the fits for these ships and contract them over to the corp jump freighter toon to get them back to our home system for me.

Logging back into our home system I find that our guests have left and I put all of my ships together and get ready for the evening operation.

A few hours later when everyone is online we are about to head out for the evening operation but before we do, we want to thank UI Dot for visiting us we enjoyed their smack-talk so much in local that we put their 2 customs offices back into reinforced mode and change ships for the nights main operation.  

We head out to 0.0 in the armor gang and travel quite a bit looking for a fight. We don’t find any in the initial systems, A Tempest gets away from us in the first engagement as he neuted out our tackle before we could land on grid and warped away. We head back the way we came and engage a Talos 80k off the gate who we manage to get tackled and he dies quickly.

Back through lowsec we go and into 0.0 again. We miss a Eagle 120k off the gate as he kills our scout we had on him and warps off, we jump into EC-P8R and engage a Hurricane and a Drake camping the Torrinos gate but they jump back through into Torrinos. We kill some of their bubbles off of the gate and warp back towards home, Our other scout has reshipped into a crow interceptor and tells us he has the Eagle tackled on the other side of the gate 100k off. We jump through and start burning towards the Eagle we are making ground slowly , or at least I am in my Zealot, when one of our faction cruisers calls point and web, I close the distance by overheating now and get a few shots in before he goes boom. But the kill of the night is to come, point called on pod just as I lock it and get the final blow the squishy pod melts to my overheated lasers and the following killmail is delivered to me.

He had in a Halo set minus the Halo Omega, 500m isk lost to that pilot that has to hurt financially.

I feel very good as we reach home and I get logged off, I knew sooner or later I would get a good podkill with expensive implants and tonight was a very good night.


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