Friday, December 16, 2011

Training Plan, What the future holds.

Well it’s that time of the year to look at where I am and where I want to go, Many years ago before I left Eve I had the want to pilot a particular pirate ship, and while I can pilot that ship now very well, there are a number of ships that I cannot pilot perfectly.

During my absence, Zandramus was on a very long train to become a competent super capitol pilot, Zandramus can pilot an Aeon perfectly and has all of the capital and capitol support skills trained to 5 can pilot an Moros perfectly and can pilot an Archon perfectly,and in 12 days will be able to use the tech 2 triage modules, Zandramus was used by my son for the last several years to shoot structures and do large fleet engagements, and while that interest me in the long term, what interests me in the short term is to be able to pilot every Sub-Cap ship in the game… perfectly.

Which is going to lead me into a perception / willpower focused train for the next year. While Zandramus has perfect laser skills (small to extra large, pulse and beam) and perfect drone skills (16m sp in drones) , and has all battleships except Minmatar trained to 5, he has all cruisers trained to 5, he is lacking in his gunnery skills for projectile weapons and only has small hybrid specialization trained. He is sitting at the 92m skillpoint mark, and has a healthy pvp record.

Being a primary Armor tanker / Laser shooter, his shield and missile skills are sub-par, requiring him to use best named rather than being able to use tech 2 weapons and ammo. I use Dusk for my I-phone and currently it tells me this train will be 408 days. Now this is with my current implant set which is +3 and without remapping to optimize my training time.

I plan on selecting the character remap for the holiday gift, and I have an additional remap available in February. I plan on utilizing two +5 Implants in a Jump Clone when I am not pvp’ing and will probably use 2 +4’s in my pvp clone as I can afford them in any event. I am hoping to get the training time down to less than a year so that when this time next year comes around I can re-evaluate what I want to do next.

I have a jump-clone with a full slave set for if I ever get another Aeon, but tbh I won’t be risking over a billion in implants unless I am in a super-cap. I have just to plug in the titan book to be a titan pilot, but I really don’t have the isk at the moment for that.

So the next year looks to be some fun times, I am having a good time with my new low-sec friends that I have made in Quiet.Storm, I find it funny as I think I have come full circle from back in 2003 when I first met Zincol and became a member of The Rising Storm which later became SAS who then formed VOC in Geminate and went on to help form Pandemic Legion.

Those guys were really fun to fly with and I wish they were still in the game, Pandemic Legion today is full of guys that my kids grew up with and they not only played EVE together but they have taken the things we were doing in SAS as far as scouting and Intel with internet voice communications, and applied that to other games and have remained friends out of game.

Quiet.Storm who I am still getting to know are a group of people who have probably been in the game as long as my character has and they are very laid back and I enjoy pewing with them it reminds me of how things used to be, the small gang aspect really makes me feel good, though I have run into some annoying capitol blobs and blowhards cough Widiot cough ... I am looking forward to growing with this corporation in the future and getting in some good fights in the next year while I am training for my sub-cap extravaganza.


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