Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An evening of scanning and exploring…

Well the evening starts out with a full scan of the WH to hopefully find an exit to start evacuation. I scan down the static to Null which opens deep in the drone regions so that is no help at all. I also scan down a K162 coming in from class 4 w-space. I jump into the class 4 and quickly locate the tower and there are several ships in the tower all unpiloted. I drop scanner probes and blanket the system to see if there are any exits to K-Space, only to find gas, gas,rocks and 2 radar sights… This is a dead end, I collect my probes and warp back to my system and log off in the tower.

I log in Zandramus in Lonetrek, and fit up a covert ops boat with scan probes, now that he has trained astrometrics to 5 for jump portal generation, I might as well make use of his scanning skills and see what I can find here. Home system has gas and a radar sight, I jump next door and find a C1 w-space but the WH is critical and I don’t want to be hanging around in an empty C1. I jump back out to Lonetrek and jump into the next system that always has a wormhole in it and am not disappointed as I find a fresh C3. Scanning the C3 I find it has a static LS wormhole which isn’t the one I came in on, otherwise it is empty except for a few gas and rock sites. I jump out the static and low and behold I am in Akkio in the Forge region, my old stomping grounds heading out to the Geminate region Armpit of Eve. Anyways a quick scan shows I have some assets here I can move back to my home system in the anathema. I find 70 Apocalypse BPC’s 10 runs each, some ammo and rig BPO’s and about thirty skill-books, and some assorted hauler ships. And what appears to be some sort of body farm of frozen corpses from a by gone era…  All this within 5 jumps in 5 different stations.

I quickly reprocess all of the ammo and ships I find here and sell the minerals as the market here sucks, pick up all of the blueprints and skillbooks, pick up my body farm and remove 5 stations from my asset list now it only has a hundred or so stations on it. I make the 5 jumps back to the WH just as it has gone critical on time jump through do a quick d-scan to find it still empty WH, Jump back into Lonetrek and deposit my assets into the hanger in the home station.

I log my Alt toon into the home wormhole, to see a frozen corpse on the scanner I do a quick scan and see that one of the WH’s are now missing, I warp to the spot that the WH to the class 4 WSpace used to be to see the wreck of a Gallente battleship and a frozen corpse floating in space. Well I have been there done that before he must have got caught on the wrong side of the WH when it closed and self destructed. I loot the BS wreck and scoop the corpse for my collection.

Time for bed hopefully I can find an exit tomorrow…


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