Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not working as intended… Logofski confirmed…

Last night we were preparing to drop a force recon black ops group onto a Russian gate camp in Aunenen, however we took too much time forming up and they left Aunenen before we could rally and get the cyno lit. So with the good fight gone the cyno alt gets some aggression out of a single target some ten minutes later and we dropped on him and dispatched him in short order. We all cloaked back up waiting for the cyno to reset so we could leave Aunenen, when we get word an Obalisk just warped to the Aunenen gate at 0 in Nonni.

After I proclaimed on comms that no one in their right mind would jump an Obalisk into Aunenen un-scouted I was reminded of a saying of one of the other Eve Bloggers though I don’t remember his name but it went kind of like this.. “Always bet on dumb…”
Because that is exactly what he did. We see the Obalisk de-cloak and he is quickly pointed and we begin removing his shield and armor and just as we start into structure he disappears.

WTF… this isn’t supposed to happen you aren’t supposed to be able to log out and disappear in the middle of battle, a heated discussion on the tactic erupts on coms and as everyone is distracted about the discussion a stealth bomber is lost to gate gun fire. 

Everyone cloaks up but the argument is this,

1.    Did he log off right after he jumped into Aunenen before he appeared and does that mean that since he logged before aggressed he gets a free pass?

2.    Did he log off in warp to the Aunenen gate after he selected jump from distance in the other system? IE was the hurricane his scout and initiated warp and jump from a distant point? What would be the mechanics here if he logged in Nonni but jumped because he selected warp and jump button?

I think that if the issue is 1. Then he should not have been able to disappear, however the issue gets a bit murky if he logged in Nonni before the ship jumped to Aunenen. Several of us petitioned this as whatever he was carrying we would have loved to loot, but didn’t get to due what I feel was a glitch in game mechanics.


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