Monday, December 5, 2011

Time to leave this wormhole behind.

The Crucible expansion has made it way too expensive to maintain the WH at the current time, If I am only to get in there once a month or so and grind through the sites, I am making about 2 billion isk, however it is costing me now over 500m isk a month for fuel for the large Amarr tower thanks to the recent change in PI it is no longer efficient to produce from the WH without killing off all the customs offices and installing my own, which I would do if there was an easy logistic chain to the WH.

Since I have a 0.0 static and only get a HS or LS hole on average once every couple of weeks I have decided to part ways with this particular class 3 and look for something with a LS static, that will make logistics so much easier. So as soon as I get a favorable WH I will start moving the ships and equipment out of the hole as fast as I can. I doubt that I will be able to do this all in one go as there are enough BS’s in the hole to colaps a Hisec hole only leaving the hole. Additionally there are several ships there that only Zandramus can fly and he is now at -8.2 sec status so those ships are stuck where they are until a LS hole opens up.

Once out of the hole, I will have my marketing toon’s start working the market and working on low sec PI to get together about a 1 year buffer of Amarr Fuel blocks. I will begin carefully looking for a new WH to exploit whether that be a class 3 with a low sec static or a class 4 with a class 3 static, I don’t  know yet which way I am going to go.

As far as marketing goes, there are several low sec systems that are FW and Pirate infested that I plan on giving some market love so that ships are easily replaced to losses making me a small profit in the process. I believe there is a Jump Freighter in the future for the hauler toon as well as an Amarr Dreadnaught for Zandramus. I would like to get another Aeon sometime next year, but this will require some significant investment into an Aeon sitting toon as I am enjoying small gang PVP with Zandramus way too much at the moment, but I would love to get into hot dropping some Supers and getting some Super Cap Kills as well.

Since I had to train Astrometrics to 5 on Zandramus to get Jump Portal Generation, I will be putting that skill to work hunting down target WH’s for the corporation to exploit / hunt in. So looking forward to finding a LS -> NS WH that puts me in range of killing capital ships deep in 0.0 and looking forward to hunting down some prey in WH’s all together now that jump statistics are no longer being broadcast.

That’s all for now…


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  1. Our logistics are different in the mild mannered hole we call home. We have been spending roughly 500M ISK per month since we setup our POS and we, and the Ally corp we share the hole with are gonna replace all the OC's w/ POCOs, actually saving us a few (whats a penny in) ISKies over all on PI costs.

    Plus we just accepted a crazy miner into corp and are finally actually working the resource sites properly... none of our 2 corps have anyone who cares for mining. TBH the drone of mining lazers makes me wanna stick my head in the barrel of a 1400mm arty piece and PULL TH TRIGGER! LOL

    But Vic is a mining GOD and we are finally actually USING the assy arrays that we have. =]