Friday, December 16, 2011

A bit of fun to be had by all...

So I log in last night to resolve a new signature in the wormhole that leads to a class 4 system I will call class 4-A. I jump into this system and it is empty, no towers, no ships, and It has a C3 Static, which I entered from. Someone had to open it… it just doesn’t open from the K162 side like that. So I blanket the system to find a bunch of rocks, gas, rocks, gas…. Ah there we go a k162 to class 2 wspace we will call this class 2-A.

Class 2-A is occupied, I spy several people at their POS where I narrowly avoid a bubble trap. Seems they had every approach to the POS bubbled and canned except the one from the planet, which somehow doesn’t make sense to me, but warping to the moon at 100 has me drop out of warp 2k from the POS shield, between 2 large bubbles and the shield.  This is a Russian corp, I add all of the members I observe to my contacts and since this C2 has a hisec static, I will be back to investigate more later on when the Russians are all nicely tucked in their bed.

I log into Zandramus and find out that we are knocking down a customs office ahead of what I am sure to be a WiDiot cap-athon to come and rep the office back up. These guys are off of their routine, they usually make it here just as the CO comes out of reinforced, we have the CO into half armor before the cyno goes up and WiDiot brings in oh yes 5 thantos… so they have superior numbers and ships again and the smak talk begins in local. We ship up and prepare to defend the POS as the last time they were here they attacked the POS but sadly they will not bite tonight and they leave system having only repped the Customs office into half shields . 15 minutes later the CO is reinforced again, maybe next time they will give us a fight, to me seems like they are wasting a shit ton of oxytopes moving those ships around every other night to defend a customs office that probably will never pay for itself.

I log back into the wormhole, and while the Russians have gone to sleep there are other people sitting on the entrance to the class 2 and it is reaching the end of its lifetime, so no exit tonight. I return home and blanket the system with probes to find 2 new signatures. A ladar sight which I activate, and whats this a k162 to Class 4 W Space… C4 – B is what I will  call this. A quick investigation finds their ships empty ion their tower, but belonging to the person I just added as a contact at C2-A. that’s interesting.. back to C4-A I go and there are 3 Tengu’s , a Sleipener, and a coercer on scan… me thinks they are running the sites, I do a quick probless scan of the system and warp to the first anomaly at 100 and there is no one there. I warp to the second anomaly at 100 and find the ships there killing the sleepers.

Very intrigued, I sit here cloaked and watch their work, when they are finished killing everything they warp off to another site out of scan range. I continue to hit D-Scan and am getting nothing on scan and the site de-spawns…. very interesting.  I decide to enact a toll for crossing my system and interrupting my routine tonight and I approach each and every large wreck in the site and loot the bloot, I make my way home with 60m isk of bloot in my cargo-hold of my anathema to pass a kestrel at the hole as I enter my home system.

Its off to bed for me tonight