Monday, December 12, 2011

Still no Empire exit in sight, this calls for drastic measures…

After calculating that it will take me 40 Iteron 5 loads to get all of my stuff out of W space, and not having an empire connection for the last week I am a bit discouraged this Saturday morning. So I decide to do some chain collapsing until I get a favorable nullsec exit as close to empire space as possible, or in an NPC station system.

I collapse the current static, and scan down the new entrance, low and behold I am 2 jumps from Akora in the Forge, I go and scan that approach and see that EOA is heavily camped, I look at the map on DotLan and see that I am also 2 jumps from Eurgrana (sp?) and I look at that route and see no one camping any of those systems and there are no bubbles.

I make some tactical bookmarks 200k off all of the gates and set about getting ships and haulers into the wormhole. Zandramus arrives and removes all of the ships that he is the only one capable of flying, this makes me feel a little better as there is no longer a 2b isk Legion floating in the tower as an attraction for someone to come into the WH and shootie my tower.

Ref’Tal arrives with his iteron mk5 and he proceeds to make several runs out of the system while Zandramus and friend keep an eye on the gates while he is running equipment out of the hole. There is a tense moment when a Tengu and an interceptor warp to the other side of an outbound gate just as Ref’Tal warps to the gate. But they both jump at the same time and Ref’Tal jumps through without them ever knowing they almost snagged a billion in high end fittings being transported in an Iteron 5. That was a very close call.

Ref’Tal makes a few more trips and manages to move 5 loads out to Eurgrana until several people have now started to take notice that an Iteron 5 is jumping in and out of Nullsec from Lowsec and start a serious gatecamp.

I leave the Iteron floating in the shields of the POS and everyone warps back to the home system so that we can get in some pew pew that evening. The next day we purchase a Gallente Jump Freighter and jump it to Eurgrana and move our loot back to our home.

Sunday there is still no exit, though there is a new Class 4 WH which leads nowhere though there are several people running my sites.  Since I am too tired to bring Zandramus and Ref’Tal back the 30+ jumps through HS or 54 Jumps through LS to get to the hole, the people in local scurry back to their WH while I am scanning. I get a nice convo from their CEO who happens to be friends with my CEO. I set them blue after the convo. He was laughing that he told his guys they were lucky they didn’t get blown up as he knows exactly the type of corp that I am currently in… and when they told him they saw our corp ticker on the ships in the POS he told them to get out of the hole until he could contact me. I thank him and let him know that they are welcome to run the sites as they see fit and he thanks me.
The night ends with me trying a new setup on my heavy interdictor for a lowsec camp  which generates several podkills for me and I also catch several blockaid runner haulers with this setup. I am happy for this new fit and will be looking forward to flying it again soon.

Training wise, I am still training for the triage carrier, 17 more days to go.


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