Monday, December 5, 2011

WH's The most dangerous space in eve.

So last evening we were finishing up 2 days of clearing out our anomalies in the wormhole, we started with 27 and were down to 5-6 when we were ambushed by a group coming in from a class 5, who waited just long enough for us to have the noctis in the anomaly cleaning it up so they could pop and pod everyone out of the hole. The battle report can be found here …

So about this fight, 1 thing that can be certain, anytime a PVP fitted group of ships engage PVE fitted ships, generally the PVE ships die. SO without a point on any of these ships unless the attacking force was completely inept the results are pretty much inevitable. You simply cannot PVP without a point fitted, and our aggressors had no intention of letting us go get our PVP ships from the POS, or even letting our PODz get away so that we could reship.

At the beginning of the fight I called the Arazu primary as they tend to be a bit squishy and I thought what the hell maybe we will get lucky and pop him before he can warp off. One of the unique things about a black hole system is though they say you have a plus to agility, it is incorrect you actually have a minus to agility and aligning and warping out takes forever. Fortunately for the Arazu pilot he was outside of the Heavy Interdictor bubbles they had us trapped in, and he warped away in half structure.

It was then I made the first mistake of the fight and called the Typhoon primary and the Scorpion secondary because up to this point we weren’t getting jammed we were getting neuted, and we frankly had monster tanks with high resists and high shield regens.I wanted to get their dps off the field, I wasn’t concerned with their interdictors I would target them last as they have high tank and low dps.  As the typhoon went into armor we started to get perma-jammed from the scorpion pilot, maybe he just woke up or something I called the Scorp primary but we lost our first drake at this point and our dps started to waver with only 3 ships left on the field and 2 of them jammed we could only watch the ships go down in flames whilst trying to lock any of the enemy vessels, once the next drake went down the fight was over as the remaining 2 were perma jammed until they popped.

So all told we lost 4 drakes at about 60m isk each and a noctis. Remember in the past that we were running these in a Legion, Kronos, and Astarte if we had still been doing that we would have lost over 4bil in ships, fittings and implants. As it was we lost roughly 300m last evening which I would call just a minor setback as we have an extra set of drakes and noctis’s in the hole already and all we have to do is travel back and continue harvesting the sleeper loot at our leisure. However they did us a favor and shortened our travel time to our home system so that we can PVP this weekend and get back to the industry stuff some other time. All in all I was able to GF them in local before I was podded out on Ref’Tal, I couldn’t tell if they replied or not as I was waking up with a bad headache in Minmatari space.



  1. gotta love W-space. Sucks that you got mangled, but I'm sure you mangle other people as well from time to time in w-space.

  2. Yup, I may be weird but I enjoy a good fight regardless of the outcome. I really have no respect for corps who must blob you before they commit to a fight. We went into 0.0 this weekend with 10 tier 3's only to be blobbed by a 50 man frig fleet. Really not into that type of fight honestly what a no risk way to pvp. Blob the with frogs how lame. But this seems to be the standard operating procedure in the north at the moment. Fast moving frig blobs utilizing jump bridges to box in a small roam rather than trying to have a fun fight by all.