Thursday, December 1, 2011

Almost CATastrophy

Well I missed the first night of Crucible, I was downloading the patch and had just gotten on teamspeak and in the game when it was time to feed my two cats dinner, now I have a diabetic cat that requires insulin at each meal, and this has been a normal routine for about six months now, so I was placing out the canned catfood on to the dishes when my other cat jumped up on the counter where I usually give the diabetic cat his shot and before I knew what was happening I had given the wrong cat the shot of insulin.

Panic ensued, and I called the emergency veterinary hospital and they told me all I could do is watch the cat over the next 12 hours to make sure if it starts to get groggy or nonresponsive to take it to an emergency veterinary hospital.

Now I have a bit of experience with diabetes, my daughter has been a type 1 diabetic since she was 5 years old so giving shots and paying attention to someones mood and reacting to high and low bloodsugar situations is something that I have had to do for the last 15 years of my life. But I was concerned over the cat as I had just lost another cat 6 months ago when she got into this cats medication mixed with food before he went on shots and I really didn’t want to be responsible for losing another cat.

I sent my son to go get some dry cat food at the grocery store and some sugar. We first force fed the cat some warm milk and sugar to get it a boost of sugar in its system and then we let it eat some dry cat food soaked in the sugary milk mix. And then I checked on her every 15 minutes over the next 12 hours. I missed a day of work, but everything turned out well and she is no worse for wear, and I am a bit more detail oriented when feeding the pets from now on.

I will be getting into the new expansion tonight and seeing how it plays and feels while I can enjoy the game. The last 2 nights I was not in the mood to enjoy myself while my pet was not feeling well due to my actions.



  1. I'm glad to hear your kitty's okay. Give her a tummy-cuddle from me, please.

  2. I have a farm (not working crops) where we have in past years interred with love...

    3 goats, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 horses.

    We currently have 2 dogs & 1 cat. And the cat is toddering along stoically on her 14 y.o. legs... we know our time with Amber is coming to a close... but she has had a full life and has been a joy to us.

    Pets are family.