Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking the Cardinal Patch Day Rule

Well Last night in the WH I was dealing with some people in a class 4 system that k162 inbounded to me, scanning their system there was no anomalies present, so I certainly didn’t want them running mine. Though I was having issues closing the hole between the systems. Once they were aware of my presence, they logged in a nidhogger into the POS and also some players in various stealth bombers and some DPS battleships. Now like me some of the players were flashy red. I shot at one of their cov ops pilots jumping into my system so we had ourselves an old fashioned standoff… I couldn’t go into their system to close the hole, and they couldn’t come into mine to run my anomalies.

Not that I could run mine either as there were 2 additional k162’s last evening, so this went on for several hours, me watching their pos and everyone they had logged in and I am sure they were doing the same. About 9PM ET I see them start logging off, I get my brother to log in his toons and I log all mine in and we send 7 geddons and a devoter at the WH and cut its mass in half in the first pass. We warp back to the pos, wait out the session change and warp back to the hole and one at a time go through till it shrinks again, then it was just 2 passes with the devoter and the connection was closed. Time to go to bed and get ready for the patch tomorrow.

Though in logging out I broke the cardinal rule of patch day, 3 of my toons have less than 4 hours of skill training left in their queue. I have gotten in the habit of topping up the queue’s in the morning before work and was not able to to that today due to patch deployment. DOH


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