Friday, November 4, 2011

The Ice Interdiction...

Things were going well for me grinding my security status when I happened upon a system in outer ring full of what I believe to be Botter’s mining blue ice. They are fully taking advantage of the higher prices of Gallente racial isotopes, they have fairly decent intel on their surroundings due to the layout of the system. And their first interaction with me just encouraged me to stick around since they warned me to leave and told me they were a NBSI group.

A2V6-6 is at the end of a long chain of systems and is a dead end, only one way in or out. The couple of times I have logged in to see quite a few Makinaw’s in system with sequentially name characters. The entry gate is bubbled which gives them enough time to run to their pos as soon as someone begins to come down the pipe towards them.

The only solution I see is that I am currently gathering intel on their timezone’s and monitoring their activity being logged off in their system. I will be adding all the characters to an alt account that can be logged in while I am not logged in to their system to see when they log in and what time zones they operate in.

Why all the hassle you ask??? Well because something is fundamentally wrong with players being able to operate with impunity and no risk in 0.0 With all the grief going on in empire over Blue Ice, these characters are taking advantage of the market and without any risk whatsoever.

So I am determined to recruit as many players as possible to come in and deny access to the ice fields to this alliance, I will play the patient pirate until they decide to come out and fight for their system. They have been very vocal in the local, smacking it up so that just encourages me more to deny them access to their revenue stream.


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  1. I think I could convince an alt to go hang out around there.