Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Journey back to HiSec

Last night I decided to leave the wormhole for the time being in order to address my security status -7.8 at the start of the evening. I am determined to not only have my security status back to 0.0 but to do a bit of expolring and see if I can find some pew pew. So I started in Outer Ring Region, we ran down the pipe towards A2V6-6 within a few jumps from there I ran in to some very talkative people in local they wanted to know what I was doing, and I explained to them I was exploring, which I was. They pointed out to me that they were a NBSI group and I was ok, game on.... they move into A2V6-6 and I followed to find some warp disruption bubbles and a welcoming committee on the other side of the gate.

Now I wasn’t born yesterday and I know how to handle myself in 0.0 I double clicked in space and pulsed the MWD and cloak at the same time denying them the opportunity to get a solid lock on me. So I find myself in a system with 45 other folks I see in dscan a bunch of Hulk’s and Makinaw’s some Drakes, and a boatload of T1 Frigates. I spend a few minutes reconnoitering the system and find most of the inhabitants sitting inside three Pos’s in the system.

I make my way back to the gate and make some tactical bookmarks, and watch as 2 drakes are playing pong with a set of drones in an attempt to uncloak me some 150k below. I guess they think I would be hanging about near the gate or something. I do some more searching and come across 10 – 15 unmanned tech 1 frigates sitting at a moon nowhere near a POS as if they have been discarded. Well a bombing run or 2 reduces the frigate fleet scap metal, strangely they were all fitted with improved cloaking devices…

Back to the gate and I see the drakes have given up and being in a stealth bomber I wasn’t too keen about fighting a drake fleet anyways or the hurricane that has now shown up dragged into their own bubble.  I leave out through the way I came, and set destination to a station where I can purchase some more racial torps and a few more bombs. I am killing a BS rat in each system as I go, NM-OEA is 20 jumps away, there are several people in the systems in between I pass some more drakes, and a group of other pirates headed to A2V6-6, (I guess its not the carebears evening to get some ice mining in) I arrive in NM-OEA and dock up at the top station.

Strangely enough I have ships and modules here, I have a catalyst here with tech1 rails on it, this may be one of the first catalyst in the game as I remember buying this a few days after destroyers were introduced, I remember flying out here and buying BPO’s for the corp to manufacture barges the first day barges were in the game. Ah the trip down memory lane…. I scope out the route I probably travelled and Yes there it is Orvole… that is where I would have entered through PF-346. It appears I have come a long ways in this game, I exit here and contemplate going to PF-346 for a look and make it to JKJ-VJ where I get some armor damage from a frigate whilst killing a battleship. I head back to NM-OEA and repair I almost kill a POD on the gate but he jumps through as the first volley takes him into structure. I repair and decide to head down through Fountain to the bottom of the map and then head back over into my old stomping grounds Geminate.  That is the plan and I log for the evening as its getting late, My sec status is now -6.7


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