Monday, November 21, 2011

A Second Job... or it seems like that sometimes

A weekends worth of work…

There are tasks in EVE that can be very time consuming, one of the ones that I dislike is moving things around. It is made even more difficult if one of your toons have a negative sec status, though I guess that is the price of being able to shoot at anyone no matter where you are located.

Yesterday I spent most of the day moving ships out of the wormhole and then getting them back to the new home system. Now the wormhole had both a hi-sec and a low-sec exit which meant I could move out all of the ships I needed to move out. Since only my low sec status toon can fly a guardian, and an amarr heavy interdictor meant those 2 ships had to be moved out of the low-sec entrance. The rest of the ships were moved out of the hi-sec entrance and then shuttled to a low-sec system that my main toon was able to jump his carrier into, pick up the ships and jump them back to the new home system.

Now the hard part was the low-sec entrance was completely on the other side of the map and required the archon to make 3 jumps to get there, which meant that the cyno toons had about 60 jumps each way to go and set up all of the cyno’s. So that took most of the day to complete. I did come across two very interesting looking fights in the flight to setting up the cyno characters, but no one in corp was anywhere near these locations to take advantage of the fights.

After everything was moved, I was able to join the corp camping the Aunenen gate to Nonni, however by the time I joined them there was no more traffic through the gate for the rest of the evening and I went to bed feeling like I had a second job.


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