Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The end of a very long and stress filled year

Yesterday morning around 8 AM my son landed in Atlanta returning from Afghanistan, safe and sound he was a member of the ISAF serving through the US Army, he was posted to the Kabul ISAF Airbase. He joined the Army Reserves right out of High School, as a parent I am very proud of him. He will be returning to college at the University of Toledo where he is studying to become a teacher.

It has been a very stress filled year for me, I dont think there has been a day gone by where I havent worried for his safety. Those of you who have children know that raising them becomes your job, the feelings I had seeing him get on the plane for Afghanistan where I could no longer protect him was very powerfull and very frightning. Each day for the last year has been a struggle to think positively and try to push all of the what ifs from my mind, but I can tell you that I had some very bad dreams throughout the last year.

I am very looking forward to him arriving home and maybe getting to play some EVE with him before he heads out to school again. I think I may have to buy him a new character as he was using mine and I think he sold his old character when I stopped playing. In any event I will be very happy to help him get settled back into the normal day to day away from the war.


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  1. I just recently found your blog and have been catching my way up the Blarchive...

    I too am a WH dweller, and like you I play EVE on the RL Friends and Family Plan. My CEO is my son, an active duty Marine. And the year he spent over in the sandbox was one of my proudest, and hardest.

    He dint start playing EVE until after he came home, he and a (RL) corpmate of his dragged me (right!) into EVE about a year after they started... and for the last year, I get to fly with my son almost every night.. Aint NUTHIN as good! =]

    Kudos to your son, and his proud father.