Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why the Caldari Militia fails.

My stint with the Caldari Militia lasted about 4 hours, I came home tonight and logged in and was trying to get a group in the militia channel where no one was interested in FC’ing for me or grouping with me, they were all too paranoid that I may be a spy.

FFS people  it’s a game, so say I was a spy and grouped with you and you got ganked, so you lost a ship why would a 85m sp toon do that, I would never get to play after that…, I told them all where to go after acusing me of being a spy and retired from the Caldari Militia. It is no wonder FW sucks, it’s not the format of it it’s that its full of retards that cant or wont undock in anything other than a frigate, they all want to do solo pvp in the militia and that is not what I was looking for, I was looking for small gang warfare so I moved on.

So back to the forums looking for a corp I talked with several people last night and I think I found myself a new home, I joined Quiet.Storm I went on an op with them last night and they are doing exactly the type of small gang warfare I have been looking for. We had quite a few kills last night and I really like this group. It’s a group of high sp characters doing black ops, hac, strategic cruiser ops. So tonight I will be moving all of my ships to my new low-sec home and buying some more ships to go out on roams with.

Also last night I logged my scanning alt into the WH and found a K162 to of all places Outer Ring, right where I was sec grinding and could have moved the other 2 guys back into the wormhole if I had not flown them 21 jumps back into empire the night before lol.


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