Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Directions… Yarr!

The new corp I had joined had a meeting last evening to decide what direction to pursue in the game, some things were thrown out and the gist of the discussion was about whether to join a null-sec alliance to manufacture some titans, or to purchase a titan and remain where we were currently located in low-sec. After listening to some very interesting position 1 thing was clear in that no one in corp really wanted to have to put up with the politics that go along with alliances, we wanted to be able to shoot whomever, whenever.

So after the vote we decided to Yarr it up and we all headed for aunenen. Now I know you will say Zan… you just spent all that time getting your security clearance back to a semi respectable place, well I will say to that I did and I was never so bored shooting little red + signs.

This is a PVP game, and small gang tactics is what I enjoy so I am looking forward at Yarring it up, doing black ops and armor roams with my new friends. Oh and last night I went from -3.7 to -6.4 and had the best time in the game I have had in the last 2 months. I did find out I missed a really good fight just after I logged last night, but it was after midnight when I finally got to sleep.

And another thing, that stint in the militia showed me one thing, while the militia members were hesitant to fight those couple of days, I saw a lot of pirates enjoying the game and eager to fight anyone on their terms.


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