Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ice Prices must be high... and the death of a few good clones...

Thursday for Thanksgiving, I logged in to see what was going on in the new home system I thought I would have a look around at what was in the system, imagine my suprise to find 3 offline moon goo towers that no one else had discovered previously.

After communicating my discovery we rallied the Yarr, and removed these derilicts from our system and took possesion of all of the modules attached for a nice profit for the day.

Yesterday, I decided to install a jump clone in the new system which jumped me out into a clone in blood raider space, now had I been thinking I could have just podded myself rather than taking the 30+ jump trip back to the home station but there was an intercepter available here and I decided to fly it home, only to be caught up in a bubble about 10 jumps away.

Crusader Lost

I wake up in the clone station, at least I didnt have implants in... so I jump my archon near Jita and am working on ship fits and I put some implants in to work on some tight fits. I just deliver a Hookbill to my carrier and want to work on some rifter fits with the implants in so I head back to Jita 4-4 in an empty Rifter, I come out of warp and hit dock, only to find myself back in my clone station with my mail going blinky blinky.

Rifter Down

well the expensive part here was the POD as I had about 125m in implants that I use to fit tight ships and add some damage. Meh so these will be showing up on KM soon I am looking forward to it.

So I jump the archon home with some new implants and decide to go out looking for some PEW as im tired of getting blowed up with nothing to show for it. I take my trusty Pilgrim to Aununen and find some friends there and wait around for a few. We miss the militia peeps I had been scouting but I get a solo Bestower and Pod Kill with my drones on the Nonni gate.

Bestower , Pod

We then manage to kill a Brutix that I didnt get on the killmail as he landed 17k from me and was dead before I closed distance, then we killed this Badger Mk11 , then the prize of the night we get a Raven which elicits a response from the capsuleers corporation who instead of bringing 2x our numbers to kill us we get the following fight which kills only my Pilgrim as I got primaried, I feel so special, I GF them in local, I feel special that they were so afraid of us they brough 20 guys to kill 4 of us and only managed to kill my ship. 

Before turning In I reship to a Harbinger that I was changing the fitting on and managed to get in on this Hurricane kill before getting tired and heading to bed, It has been a very fun day.


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