Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A matter of logistics, not the skill or the ship

So yesterday was an odd day for me I was busy moving ships to my new home, I was in a hurry and decided to take the shorter route through ec-p8r to get to Torrinos rather than fly 5 extra jumps, I believe it was because I had become overconfident that a stealth bomber made avoiding gate camps pretty easy, well it seems nothing can change the fact that sometimes when you go to jump through a gate you get the message, Session change already in progress … so frustrating to sit helplessly spamming the jump button and nothing happening. So I end up in Old Man Star again, 17 jumps from Torrinos where I had just purchased a new black ops battleship and was on my way to pick it up.

I will say I was wondering how I was going to come back and get my stealth bomber, no need for that now. I fly to torrinos through empire in my minmatar shuttle and take possession of my new shiney… though I have to send my alt to Jita to buy my faction mods as they are not available in Torrinos. After fitting out my new toy, I have someone light a covert cyno in the new home system and I make my first black ops jump.

Tonight I need to pick up a new stealth bomber, I already have my Pilgrim in system, I need to purchase a Curse to round out my recon ships. I need to get my Legion out of the wormhole as soon as I can get back in there and while I’m at it I have a bunch of ships there I have to move. I have a carrier somewhere in low-sec that needs moved to the new home I will see about filling it up with mods before moving it so that I get a good bit of supplies back home.

Speaking of the wormhole, it was raided yesterday before I got home from work and by the time I could get logged in after voting last night they had managed to run about half of the anomalies before my alts could get combat probes launched and run them off.
With the upcoming pos changes I am worried about not being able to get the new fuel into the hole before the pos goes offline, I may just evacuate the hole for the time being and throw up a small tower in the spot so anyone coming in would have to kill a tower to take the hole. I will leave a offline scanning alt in the system if I do this so I can always get back to the hole. Though thinking about it level 4 missions are a pretty safe way to make money without all the hassles of having to have enough people there to run the sites and exploit the hole, I may just move the pos’s out for now and look for a better hole in the future with new friends.


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