Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Logistics…

So I have been monitoring the WH and it is up to 27 anoms that need to be worked, and my alts are still a month away from effectively flying Drakes, so with the static WH only 2 jumps into NPC 0.0 I load my carrier with the required ships and set destination to egbinger in Moldon Heath which will be 2 carrier jumps from where my carrier is currently located.

I head my Cyno alt in his probe out to the midpoint system Ebodold, now damn DOTLAN Jump planner for not allowing you to filter out Kick Out Stations as undesirable stations to be using to jump to and from, as I was undocking from the single station in Ebodold, my cyno alt in his probe is killed and podded by a pirate in a Cynabal 3k off the station when the session change timer ended. So I make a different midpoint and the rest of the trip to Egbinger goes uneventful.

I back trace the route from the wormhole with a cov ops frigate and while there are 2 pilots in the system that the WH is in, I never see any scan probes out. I make tactical at the gates in B-VIP9 and 9SNK-O and begin moving ships. Since there are pilots in 9SNK-O with the WH there I decide to move the most expensive ships first, so in comes the Legion and the Zealot, then the Curse and the Devoter, then the Navy slicer and the Guardian. I know what you are thinking these are mostly PVP ships, well the Devoter is for closing the WH so it does double duty and the rest are for getting some pew when there are unwelcome visitors. There is already a complement of PVE ships in the WH for running the sites so the ships I bring are pretty much what stays in my carrier for distant PVP operations.

Once everyone is in the hole we mass collapse it and take a break for dinner. I will tell you why this is, as I have found when you mass collapse a wh there seems to be a chance roll that other WH’s will spawn. Now of course if you collapse a static another static will instantly spawn, but it has been my experience that you will get other WH connections spawn to you ie K162 inbounds after mass collapsing a hole. And this is exactly what happened as we came back from dinner there was a new K162 from Hisec as well as the new K346 to null. Now this means someone was in the hole and could have activated the K346 which makes the hole unsafe and both of these will need collapsed. It is getting late so I am going to leave this for the next evening when I am online so it is off to bed for me with no sleeper loot until tomorrow.


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